Caffeine Branding – Coffee Moments Recognized By The Masses

yeah, monday is a caffeine branding moment.

When  you pour the morning coffee and realize it isn’t dark enough, you really NEED more caffeine than you’re going to get from that cup… And there’s cream. You have to add cream, because… Well, cream. Your caffeine branding moment isn’t quite done yet, and you really do want more. You NEED it.

caffeine branding

Is it really the caffeine?

Where’s your legacy?

I’ve been ‘all about the coffee’ for a while now, not because I can’t live without it – I often go most of the morning before I wake up the coffee pot, or sometimes even days without making coffee – but rather because it’s a topic I’m willing to toy with over the big screen. Coffee BrandingWhen you ramp up your branding to include your personality, the legacy you leave should be one reiterating how much fun you have with life. Revealing your addictions can be included in that fun. Everyone has some… So the key is to find the addictions you have that others relate to. I have many friends who prefer their coffee intravenously. Some can’t go an hour or more without a cup in their hand, and to be quite frank with you, coffee connoisseurs are my main marketing niche.

Caffeine branding opens up my market to a specific niche of buyers, those who are in a general age group, social sector, and business – trust me, home based business owners drink a lot of coffee, work a lot of hours, and understand the automatic relief of stress that comes with a coffee break. We get it. We know that a coffee break doesn’t always mean coffee, and stress relief doesn’t always happen with a caffeine injection. But we upload anyway, because that’s how we roll.

Coffee Break Moments – 

Marketing from your caffeine branded “coffee moments” might be the most luxurious branding efforts you make for your business. Decadent moments flavored with the richness of coffee, shared with good friends can fuel your business, bring in powerful client relationships, and result in massive profits. Why not brand your business with coffee break moments?

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