Celebrate Brand Recognition – Spotlighting Your Identity Online

Celebrate brand recognition by spotlighting your identity online for more traffic and conversion management. The secret to being recognized online really is celebrity status. If you don’t have it, we should talk!

celebrate brand recognition

When someone asks me to help them market their business, I visit their website. Beyond all other products or services, they must be marketing themselves. Whether you’re a business, creating a stand-out logo to represent your company, or a person who just needs to be identifiable in the crowd, the purpose of branding is to spotlight who you are, what you do, and who buys your services. Can you tell me? 

If you can’t tell me in 10 words or less, your clients don’t know either. And there’s a good chance your website doesn’t reflect who you are, what you do, or who buys from you either.

I help small business owners make money online.

I wrote it in red, because I want to impress you with that key point that not only can my job be identified online, but my clients are identifiable online, and with that, it’s pretty obvious who I am. But just in case you didn’t notice, please look at the graphic at the top of my website. Not only is my name on the site, but my picture is front and center too. I don’t have any problem writing about my grandchildren, my kids, my clients and their grandkids, or my mountain home in Colorado. I frequently share my heart, and spew my opinions all over the internet offering transparency and brand recognition to the masses. Not that all opinions are brand specific, but some are.

Transparency Matters

Brenna and Me

Brenna and I .

Let your buyers know who you are. They’ll love you more for it. When my clients call, they know they’re talking to a Grandma who absolutely adores kids, because they hear them in the background. Consequently, I often get clients who are young parents, or even grandparents who watch grandkids during the day. Some of my best clients are families who value family values and working with young children in tow. They know they’re going to get a ‘job well done’ because they understand my values.

I don’t have to hide my political views from my clients, because many of my clients are political clients who hire me because of my views.

When you open the door to let your clients into your home and business, they appreciate the fact that you’re just like them in many ways. They appreciate your sincerity. They understand your values, and they like them. The key to gaining trust and building relationships with clients is allowing them to see who you really are.

Share your passions, because they want to see those too.

Let Your Website SHINE on YOU

Be the star of your website. Let it shine on you. You are the face of your company, so be sure your website reflects you well.

One of my pet peeves is dropping into a client site and realizing that after we took great pains to spotlight their personality, deck the pages with their celebrity glow, and reveal their inner most pinings, they’ve removed it all and stripped it down to the bare basics of SALES to present only their products. Any website can be a sales page for products, but if you’re not marketing yourself, you’ve got no niche, no platform, and no online presence.

You can’t SHARE YOURSELF with the reader, if they can’t FIND you on the page. 

The most important thing you do online is BRAND yourselves. It’s important to shine, be the celebrity on your page. Even when you’re putting your clients first, you can still SPARKLE and SHINE yourself.

So… what’s the deal?

To shine. To be the sparkly version of you that others adore, you help them. You love them. And you offer them solutions they can hold onto. You have to give more than you take. The key to success is to help enough others to achieve their dreams that you achieve yours in the process. Celebrate Brand Recognition by letting your light shine so bright that others benefit!

Celebrate Brand Recognition

When the whole family gathers at Christmas to celebrate the family traditions, there’s no game playing, nobody is pretending anything, they’re all just enjoying the authentic, genuine, relationships they share. They celebrate who they really are. And that’s what it means to celebrate brand recognition. You celebrate the real ‘who-you-are’ on every level, even the parts that are warn out, a little thread bear, and especially the parts where the stuffing fell out. Those real parts of you are the parts your clients rely on. They’re the parts that make you approachable, lovable, and acceptable in an imperfect world. Celebrate being real.

Showcase Your Message On Social Media

Social Media NetworkWith every twitter tweet, facebook post, or linkedin article, you’ll be sharing the strength of your identity for better brand recognition. Online discussions and displays of you should have a common message. You’re not going to be totally bad on facebook, super nice on linkedin, and open season on Twitter. It just doesn’t work that way – your message has to flow from on to the other.

That doesn’t mean your message has to be the same, or that you’re even marketing to the same people on all three. It just means that if your friends find you on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, they should be aware of who they’re talking to – even if you don’t display the same picture on all three.

Be. Do. Have.

When you become the person you desire to be, do what you must to accomplish your dreams, you will have whatever it is that you seek.

I have sought hard after family. That has been my dream, my goal. My life. I have an incredible family.

I became a list builder and I’ve built an amazing list. My clients are amazing.

I have become unbelievably wealthy in more ways than I can even acknowledge here, and I continue to do the work. This is my year… What about you?

Are you ready to make this your year? Let’s do it.

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  1. Thank you, Jan – your advice is sound. I’m still waiting for my preliminary copy of my book, “Healed of Cancer.” Look forward to buying you several cups of coffee.

    • I somehow missed your comment earlier, but now… I’m wondering if your book has been published yet? Are you marketing, and how is that working?

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