Coffee Clatter Conversations – Over Coffee What Do You Discuss

Coffee clatter conversations happen every day. What do you discuss over coffee? The best topics challenge your mind, heart, and soul.

Whenever Danielle comes to visit, we talk about the most intriguing things, sometimes a challenge, but more often soul searching, depth defying, and energizing topics. We reinvent not only the world, but the reality by which the world must live. And trust me… There are solutions.

Coffee Clatter Conversations

coffee clatter conversations

Creation. It all started with God speaking into existence the universe, and then… He created man… And woman… And how much have we messed it all up? Or did we? Did he have US in mind the whole time? Did he know how screwy we could all make our own lives? The dilemma of our existence isn’t the bane of God, but rather our continuance of His creation. We build as we see fit, as we learn, as we grow… And somehow, through this amazing wilderness we call life, we continue to seek to find our roots. We search for Him. We seek to find solutions to the lives we’ve turned upside down in our search.

To improve the world… Fill your heart and soul with his abundance. Stop every now and then, to absorb the miracles of God’s creation that He shares for our joy. His wisdom is new every single day. With the dawning comes new light, new life, new realities, and with the setting of the sun, the blessing of abundant life.

Soul Searching Depths

Coffee. I need coffee. If we’re going to delve so deeply into the caffeine crystal ball that is friends over coffeeour ‘coffee’ of life, the ultimate diversion is more. More of everything. Don’t we ever have enough? At what point in our search, through our seeking of soul satisfying solution do we realize that we have enough? What is enough? Enough? What is it? What does that mean?

Who is enough? Am I enough?

The assumption that I need more… Is it enough? Is that last cup of coffee any better than the first? Why does enough have to mean more? Who needs MORE of me? Am I not enough? The question of more comes up often between friends. When you wonder, am I enough… Think about your friends. Are they enough? Do they need to be more than the individual they are, to be your friend?

When we demand more of a person than they are capable of giving, that person will shut down. They can’t give more. They are exactly who they are. They may CHOOSE to be more, to step up from time to time, but ultimately, if you make demands on others, they will shut down. They will back off. And that is their right.

Reality… Beyond the cup of coffee, if you want MORE coffee, you go get more. You refill the cup. But you still have a CUP of coffee. Friends are much the same, you may have more friends. You may meet more people. But each friend still exists within that ONE person.

They are enough. You are enough. I am enough.

Energizing Topics

In a split caffeine moment concepts erupt, exploding with energy. Effectively responding to current day events sometimes means erupting beyond the moment. Explore your options.

Current events is a big deal for both Danielle and I on the national and world scale. We live rather small lives in the scope of the world events, yet those events impact each of us personally. Our experiences come from different decades, and while we agree on many concepts and we are both principled individuals, our ultimate experiences of life have differed in important areas. At times this brings a challenge to our friendship to be completely open and honest, yet allowing each of our boundaries to exist without overstepping, and still communicate through the important concepts.

Say what you must, respectfully.

Sometimes this means saying what needs to be said, and understanding when the other person says, “You’re overstepping there.”

Does it mean you back off or explain? Where are you coming from? What brought you to that point, and can understanding the adventure negate the challenge?

Seek to understand, first.

Having a coffee clatter conversation may be touch and go, if you’re trying to think of what to say instead of listening to the other person. Remember when your mama told you to stop interrupting? Well, here’s the reason. If you’re interrupting, to say what you need to say, you may never hear what the other person said. (Yeah, sometimes I’m bad about interrupting. But I really have something important to say… Guilty!)

Breathe. Listen. Take a breath, and try to understand why the other person is saying WHAT they said, before you jump to conclusions. Remember, the objective of a conversation is communication. You probably both have something of value to add to the conversation, but two people need to be listening. Are you? Am I?

Yes, you’re enough. You matter.

coffee clatterIn the scope of this morning, sitting at my desk sipping this cup of coffee. It’s enough. I have enough coffee in my cup to fulfill my need for coffee, caffeine, energy, happiness… My cup ‘runneth over’ because I have enough. I am enough. I matter. And I want YOU, my coffee drinking partner on the other side of this page, to know… You are enough. You matter.

And when you feel like you’re not enough… Know that, like my cup, you’re refillable.

Find a friend. Reconnect. Have a conversation. Energize. Refuel. Refill.

Fill Your Heart And Soul

John1:16 From His fullness we have all received grace upon grace.
Creation. God created this vast abundant world to provide for our needs. Out of His abundance, He gives. He provides. When you accept His gift of Grace, you allow love and abundance into your life. You fill your heart and soul with love and abundance.

When you’re all filled up, you can give more to others.

What do you have to give?

Are you looking for opportunities to give, serve, or grow a business of your own? Let’s talk!

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  1. What a fun and encouraging read! This is the first time I’ve been on your blog, and I’ve clicked three links, each one applicable to me.

    I’m enough! What a concept. I like it. I like the idea that you could meet over coffee and have such a motivating conversation. I’m going to try that.

    I’m calling a friend for coffee today.

    And I’m printing this blog post!

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