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Coffee Clatter

So excited to see the coffee clatter season arrive… Christmas over Tea with Kendal at the Castle was an amazing way to kick off the season.

I may be thinking of those gingerbread scones in my dreams. And yes, my friends, sugar plum fairies will come to life, dance through my mind and swirl to amazing music as snow flurries gather on the horizon to deliver the perfect white Christmas. Do you doubt this?

I suppose you’ve never dreamed up your own Christmas story?

Writers everywhere come up with their own stories on a regular basis, but what about the average dreamer? Do you dream up your own Christmas story, never to be revealed?

A few days ago, I mentioned to a friend that I often dreamed in color, vivid living color. And she said, she didn’t think that was possible. So, I asked a few other friends, who all believed they dream in color. After discussing at some length the possibilities of dreaming in color, we all decided to test it out and come back to reveal our “colorful dreams” from the night.

No, there’s nothing scientific about our ‘study’ except that we set out to determine if we were dreaming in color, or dreaming in black and white, based on our own memory… But, our study didn’t cost the government billions of dollars, so we broke even.

Yeah, there was a blue car in my dream.

I remember flowers in the garden and green grass.

Yup, I know those gumdrops were colorful on the counter drying in their natural state of sugar. It was exciting making them, and mom was wearing a pink dress.

The plan was to write down something from the dream and include a color if we saw one, and it worked. Each of us had reported something from our dream, and color.

Coffee Clatter reveal…

So seated around the table at the Coffee Clatter, we revealed our memory of the dreams we’d had, and discussed the colors we’d seen in the dreams. What were our last thoughts before going to bed?

The suggestion had been to remember the dream and remember anything in color. Four slightly over caffeinated women, dreaming in vivid color in a coffee shop, and nobody thinks this is crazy… Right.

As the sun set low in the western skies we decided that we needed to know if we had influenced the dream in any way. So our next suggestion was to think about a Red Ford Mustang as we were going to sleep and report what happened…

publish your story

It was a convertible.

That car wasn’t a convertible. It had a white top.

I don’t remember anything about the car but there was a hunk driving it.

Yeah, it was a red convertible… Because, I was wearing a skinny little black dress.

And the conversation went south from there.

Four women having coffee can be a dangerous group to spend time with, even when they’re just talking about the dreams that kept them awake all night the night before.

Have you published your story? You probably should.



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  1. You know, I had NOT thought about dreaming up my own Christmas story. An idea that comes to mind is my version of “A Christmas Carol” Thanks Jan, for giving spark to a new idea. 😀

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