Coffee Clatter Moment – Starbucks Coffee is HAUTE

Here it is, my coffee clatter moment, shaking dibs at the next Starbucks Marketing Strategy. I think it’s hilarious that so many people come up with means and messes to discuss, while #starbucks is a thing. Promote #starbucks much in your #socialmedia?


Today, as I was preparing my Coffee Clatter Moment, I considered all the things I’m grateful for, and Starbucks came to mind… At the time the Coffee Clatter started, Starbucks was new, and I hadn’t been there yet, but I’d heard about it. A good friend had started a place in my home town called “the Perk” and I’d learned to love the place, because there was a “back room” where I could meet clients. In a quiet private room over coffee, my business grew, I signed many contracts, an ultimately I developed a method of doing business in coffee shops that allowed me to continue working mostly from home.

Now, with a Starbucks on the corner not far from my home, I still use the coffee shop. There’s no private room in the back, but in the early morning hours, or late afternoon, there’s plenty of room for me to join a client at a work table and complete a project. The benefit is great coffee.

How you do business can be as important as WHERE you do business? What’s your plan?

If you’re a home based business owner, find great coffee shops in your neighborhood and around the city, then let your people know you frequent these shops. Imagine bumping into your peeps and having a successful impromptu meeting you didn’t plan over coffee at your favorite shop? Or plan that meeting!

Let's have coffee!



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