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Yesterday was a landmark day…

Jan Verhoeff - coffeeWeb design has been my ‘work’ for several years, but I’m a writer. I had lunch with another writer friend who is struggling with being able to write, because she’s having eye issues, and vision is bothering her, so she talks her story through. She claims old age, and wears it proudly, a thing I’ve declined for much of my adult life. I don’t want to WEAR my age. I want to live like 37 always. And that was the topic of our discussion yesterday at lunch.

Web Design is a gift of youth, glamour, and the narcissistic aptitude of writers around the world. We captivate an audience with words.

Web designers captivate their audience, or lose them in 2.6 seconds. A writer has the whole time available on the cover, the title, the caption, and maybe the first line of the first page, if a reader actually opens their book. Beyond 2.6 seconds, the web browser, or the reader, are gone. Moved on to the next website, book, or magazine cover.

Most can’t compete with the tabloids.

Full blown lies, ambiguous statements, and headlines created for the sole purpose of blowing you off the edge of your chair aren’t part of the real world print, or web media. Most writers, and web designers, prefer to use better taste to attract and captivate their audience.

Not only can we not compete with overblown headlines of the tabloids, we don’t want to be recognized in their category. We prefer to be known beyond that medium.

Reality shows and modern proclivity annoy. 

Writers and web designers prefer not to be known as reality show hosts, actors, participants, or humorists. We just want to be known and recognized for our expertise in areas of real value and interest. The key element is reality isn’t necessarily real.

Mom and popConsider for a moment, the mom and pop store on the corner. You walk into the store, find your bit of merchandise, chat for a moment with the neighbor behind the counter, and go your way knowing that whatever you said to your neighbor, their response was legitimate. They’ll pray for you, think of you during the day, and tomorrow when you stop in, they’ll ask  you about your kid, your work, or your day. They’ve invested as much in your life, as you are investing in their business by stopping there to make your purchase.

Writers and web designers who build value, relationships, and return readers want you to participate, respond, and add YOUR value to their lives. They want the part of you that you’re willing to share, because they value who you are.

Colorado Web Designer Professional

When my friend who so carefully is choosing to grow old gracefully wanted a website, she called me, told me what she wanted to do with the site, and in typical 37 year old ‘take-charge’ fashion, I whipped up a website with her name on it, thinking I was doing her a favor. Ooops.

She wanted something a bit less revealing, and more laid back, aging with graceful elegance kind of front-porch cozy, that didn’t require so much energy to keep up, or to read.

So, I stepped back and looked over the site, eliminating the ‘take-charge’ overwhelming reveal and provided for her the perfect, front-porch and lemonade site, where she could share her random thoughts with poise and dignity. She was happy. And I learned a new technique for making sites visible, fun to read, and still not ‘in your face bold – overwhelmingly technical’ she’s happy, and I’m working with a new customer who is totally satisfied with her site.

web designerThis Colorado Web Designer gets it. I understand that not every site owner wants the same basic website, but almost every blogging (content based) website owner wants a simple, easy to manage website that they can work on themselves with just essential maintenance taken care of by the techno-crowd. That’s what I do best. I create powerful content managing websites with easy to operate systems that work for even the non-tech blogger who just wants to ‘post some writing stuff’ now and then.

Here’s access to an easy to use, fun and innovative, affordable website where the technical details of your site are provided and taken care of, and you get to do what you do best… Blog. Write. Share graphics. Post your pictures.

Colorado Web Designer

This Colorado Web Designer offers personalized blog template designs, content development and management systems, plus graphic elements that suit your style and design ideas.

I specialize in:

  • Website Design with Responsive Layout
  • Customize & customizable WordPress Templates
  • Content Development & Management Systems
  • Fun, original Graphic Elements
  • SEO, Link Building, PPC

Let’s talk!

We’ll find a website that works for your blogging style to promote your writing to your niche. 

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