Confidence out the window…

Ever have one of those days when it just wasn’t going to happen, no matter how hard you tried, how much effort you put in, or even how many people you asked to help?

I’ve got an amazing team of techs that work for me, and any other day, they’d have been able to shoot it out of the park, successfully. But suddenly, it just wasn’t happening, and it wasn’t THEM. It was me.

follow my blogSitting at my son’s kitchen table slugging down fruit juice and one of the most decadent tuna sandwiches you can imagine (I taught him how to make ’em, they are incredible), I asked him what to do next.

I know, I’m the mom, and I should be telling him… But sometimes, on rare occasions, when I just need answers, he has them.

Have I told you how amazing my kids are?

I’m one lucky mom!

So, he told me, “I think you should just do what you can, and make the next few days count, but don’t over think it. You’re pushing too hard.”

That wasn’t what I wanted to hear. But it made sense. I finished up the day, and drove through a blinding snow storm to get home — it was still warmish, and sunny when I left his place, but five miles down the road, I caught up with winter.

Driving into the blizzard, I realized I’d come to the end of an era.

I’ll continue to build websites, because I have a lot of clients who depend on me, and I love doing it. I’m good at it, and marketing online is one of my biggest passions – so I’m not going to stop.

But the era of coaching people into the programs I market is over. It was a great program, and I’ve made a good living doing that, but I believe there’s something bigger, and better along this road called life. And my gears are turning…

driving in drifting snowAs the snow got deeper and deeper, I realized that there were going to be people stranded along the way home, and I didn’t want to be one of them. So to get home, I needed to change something. I have four wheel drive, but I didn’t really need that – then. I could slow down a little, take a different road so people weren’t running me off the road to get home in their rush to get out of the snow, and I’d be fine.

I turned off the highway, onto a dirt road. The snow wasn’t melting as much, but at slower speeds, I wasn’t spinning on ice. I had better traction. And no traffic.

By the first corner, I’d picked up a few ‘tag-a-longs’ and a bit of wisdom.

If you slow down, know where you’re going, and use some basic common sense, people will follow you.

People had seen my lights go off the road and followed, at sensible speeds, we were still headed toward town, but without the push and shove of rushing traffic, determined to slide their way into a ditch at high speeds. They were following my tracks through the snow drifts, and maintaining a decent speed, all while observing some basic rules of safety.

At my turn off, they still had less than a mile into town, and I was home safe within two minutes.

The cause and effect made me realize that even in my current state of ‘low confidence’ I am a leader. Determined to continue leading, I made some solid decisions about how I wanted to lead in the future, and I’m going to share those here – because my clients most likely want to know…

1 – I’m a survivor. 

When the world crashes down around my neck and I can’t see anything but that tiny triangle of blue sky above me, I’m smart enough to look to God for the next step and wait on him – if need be – to make the next move. But I don’t give up. I keep looking up, believing that God has an answer.

2 – I take responsibility for my predicament.

I don’t look for someone to blame. I recognize that I made the decision that got me where I am, and I start looking for what I can do to get me out of that predicament. First, what does God say. Then what do I do? And I find a good course of action, then take it with confidence.

3 – I don’t wallow in the muck.

There’s always an exit. ALWAYS. God always opens a door to show you where to go NEXT, and I follow that opening to the next place. Take a shower to wash off the muck and get on with it… Life is to be lived, not wallowed in.

4 – I trust God to make a way.

Not only does God open the door, but he will make a way where there is no way. And he’ll use the talents and skills he’s provided me to move the mountains before me. He gave me those skills for a reason, and I know he expects me to use them. It’s all part of the plan.

5 – I take action.

When God tells me to take action, I move. I do what I’m told to do, and I’ve learned to recognize the voice of God in all the small ways he may speak – or in the BIG Booming Voice, if that’s the one he uses. If he’s yelling at me, I’m smart enough to know I wasn’t listening when he whispered…

try to keep upAs my confidence began to return, I realized, all the same skills I’ve been using to teach y’all to succeed, make money online, and market your business are the same skills I need to teach you how to survive the crash of losing your job, changing your life, or shifting your focus from earning a living for a family to earning a retirement and start experiencing the blessings God has created just for you.

You don’t have to struggle with ‘just barely getting by’ in these amazing years after the kids are grown… YOU can survive and thrive, using the incredible skills God has given you, and I’ll show you how. If you’re not already receiving my blog posts via email – sign up, subscribe, and let’s get started!

We have some serious living to do!


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