Confidence Overrides Failure

confidence overrides failureRandomly, I’m faced with people who lack comprehension of another person’s value. They don’t see the value in a person who hasn’t amassed wealth, or property, or even such a thing as a successful marriage.Those people don’t understand that confidence overrides failure. The value each person has in this world may have nothing to do with monetary wealth. 

Let me repeat that:

The value each person has in this world may have nothing to do with monetary wealth.

The reality of this comes home, when you meet people who live with disabilities, yet continue to offer value to life. Have you met someone whom you might want to share their story? I’ve met several. Some have a bigger impact than others, but every soul has a purpose. Every moment is precious.

Confidence Overrides Failure

Life, if you really look through those who have impacted your life, will teach you the value of every single moment. In more ways than I can count, I’ve been impacted by people who weren’t really worth a lot of money. I’m going to share a couple of stories…

Growing up, a man who worked with my dad knew how to fix televisions and radios. He had a ham license, and spent many years as a ham operator. He and his wife were considered by many to be ‘off the beaten path’. In fact, one person whom I often quote mentioned them to me in reference one day. She said, “They’re lovely people, but they may not be the kind of people you want to spend a lot of time with.”

As much as I admired her, I knew she was wrong. These people may not be considered ‘successful’ in the world eyes, but I knew differently. In face, as I watched their lives fade, I saw ways they’d changed their neighborhood, their surroundings… And more, I witnessed an impact they’d had on their community. Not only were they the kind of people I wanted to spend time with. They were influencers who mattered a great deal in their community. They made a difference.

Confidence overrides failure. Their value ran deeper than monetary wealth.

Confidence overrides failure, because those who lead with confidence, never allow a failure to define them.

Lead with Confidence

When you open the door to receive a yes or a no, most people will say yes. Lead with confidence and let people know that you’re okay accepting a NO. In most cases, if you’re okay with being turned down, you won’t be. Confidence overrides failure

Jack was my favorite sales rep. No matter what he sold, I was on his list. He carried my name from one business to the next, and with each contact, he asked the same question, “Hey, Jan, this is Jack. I have a new opportunity to discuss with you, is this a good time?”

To be perfectly honest, most of the time I wasn’t interested in the opportunities he offered, because I liked what I was doing. But… I wanted to know about Jack. He always made it so easy to say NO, and I would take a few moments, just to hear about what he was up to now. I was interested in him. He had already opened the door and offered to close it. I didn’t have to slam it in his face. I had been given the option. I opted to hear him out.

When you lead with confidence, you’ll get a yes.

That’s the reality. People want to say yes. Give them a way to say yes. Open the door and offer to close it yourself. They’ll keep it open.

Never Allow Failure to Define You

If you know me well, you know that my story includes being abandoned. Abandonment can feel like the worst kind of failure. It can destroy you. In fact, it’s entirely possible for abandonment to get you down, hold you down, and keep you down, if you let it… I’ve refused. There’ve been many times when I couldn’t fight back, and I had to struggle to get out from under the grip of abandonment, but at the end of the day – I remain unstoppable.


Because no matter how bad I feel, or how desperately I desire the attention of others, I’ve learned that when I seek God first, nothing else matters. This story of mine has been devastating at times, as I’ve watched people walk away who meant the world to me… But at the end of the day, God still remained.

2017 is going to be an amazing year for you. It will be full of pleasant surprises and excellent memories. It will propel you towards the success that you dreamed of and it will help you fulfill your ambitions in ways you did not even think possible. It will be a great year and for you it will be life changing.

I’m always into the ‘games’ on Facebook, not because they’re right, or they’re true predictions, but because they’re revealing of the things I’ve said and done on Social Media over the past while. The results are based on the conversations, pictures, and realities I’ve shared… Consequently, when I see information such as that I shared above, I realize that I am making a difference. I’m stepping up to the plate, again. And I truly am UNSTOPPABLE, because it’s my choice. It’s my nature… It’s who I am…

What does your social media say about you?

If you’re not unstoppable, yet… Let’s have coffee!

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