consultingYou’d think, after nearly 11 years, I’d already have an automated subscriber base Consulting Option for my business… Well, that time has come. And here it is.

This isn’t a three month limited consult, or a free consult, or even a coaching base, where I give you all the details in linear formats, for you to apply when you need them. This is a when you call me, I will walk you through the base elements of your issue.

  • Quick text exchange? You bet your bootie. Ask me anything. I’ll give you a quick response – just as soon as I get your message.
  • Phone call just to ask? Of course, you can call anytime. If I’m not with a client, or tied up, I’ll answer the phone and give you a response to your question.
  • Email? Yup. I’ll respond to that too. In fact, I’ll respond to your email and send you a link to the ‘bigger picture’ if I have access to it.

Here’s the consulting deal…

You’re already on my list, or you’d never find this sign up. So you’re already part of my business network, reading my content, working on my webs, and have paid me for services of one sort or another. Now, you want to take advantage of the information I keep stored away for my most successful clients…

Until now, this information was available only on a one on one basis, as I sign new clients for consulting to meet their needs, and accomplish their goals. I handled most consultations through my coaching network by ‘group response’ or ‘mass production’ but SERIOUSLY some of you need more help. And you deserve it.

So, I’ve created this monthly agreement – a subscription – where you can sign in for a very reasonable monthly fee, and access my consultation network ANY TIME YOU NEED IT, by phone, by text, or by email.


For right now, this deal is $67 a month and will be this price for only a limited amount of time. At this price, there’s a required YEAR subscription, but you still get to pay it at just one month payments when you hit subscribe – below.