Content Guru – Makes Good On Go-To-Expert Status

content guruDid you ever wonder why every content guru on the internet wanted Expert Status in their specific area of expertise? It’s easy. Once you’re the go-to-expert in your area of expertise, everyone hires you.

Just last week, three new clients contacted me from my google front page placement, because I showed up more than once on the front page, from organic content. They wanted to know how that happened, so I promised if they’d sign in for my ezine, I’d post an article and tell them how that happened.

Content marketing is the best way to maximize your marketing strategy, and you’ll find the top 5 ideas right here, for how to put your business online, with powerful content. These are sure profit suggestions, keep reading:

1 – Leapfrog ahead of competitors.

When you share your knowledge and experience, it doesn’t matter if your competitors know more, have more information, or even if they’re smarter than you are in your niche, a content guru knows how important it is to share the content.

2 – Gain sustainable advantage.

Content sharing, making your content available online, means you’re more visible, with more links than the competition. Of course, you’re top-dog, you’ve put content where it’s visible.

3 – Content guru niche builder.

When you power up your niche with content, marketing articles, and specific claims that people need to know, you build absolute authority within that niche. Better still, you gain altitude on the search engines by having more content available.

4 – Know the 10 steps to become recognized.

The reality is that you only have to do the first one to be ahead of your competition, but if you do the first one, you’ll be more famous than you are now, resulting in more income from your online business. And that’s with just one step. If you knew all ten, and applied all of them to your business, don’t you think you’d be making even more?

5 – Contact your target enough.

So often I’m asked how many times a sales representative has to contact a client to sell the product. There is most definitely a secret number, and I’ve given that number to many people who are working online. Always… It makes a difference, when they apply the number of times, to the marketing program. ALWAYS.

No matter what your business is, if you’re marketing online, you need to be at the top of the search engines. You NEED Guru Status so people know to call you, the Go-To-Expert in your niche.

Content marketing can be easy, or it can be hard, but I’ll share a few quick secrets that most don’t know about content marketing that can literally make you wealthy if you apply them to your own business.  
Here are the four quick secrets you need to know to make marketing your business online successful:

“Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” ~Tom Peters

  1. Never accept second best. Always command first place.
  2. Specialize in YOUR market.
  3. Sustain competitive advantage in your market place.
  4. Do more. Be more. Have more.

Whatever the distance is to achieve your goal, determine right now that you’ll go there!

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Content Guru – Makes Good On Go-To-Expert Status — 4 Comments

  1. Being FIRST in content on the internet is BEST!! Anyone else that “copies” your content will get Google “slapped,” and not “rise to the top” when it comes to search engine. Be first! Bravo, Jan, bravo!

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