Content Marketing – Making Words Do the Work of Marketing Your Business

Content MarketingThe biggest problem most businesses have is finding ways to market their business that attract the specific well-targeted niche market who is hungry for the products and services they offer. Marketing strategies are always difficult when you have a super targeted niche, but without them, your business will fail.

The solution for online marketing is content marketing strategies for small business. Content marketing offers you ways to meet your niche in their most desperate moments, because marketing is important, and content answers questions, offers solutions, and provides answers necessary to bring clients to the business.

Designing an active content marketing strategy and plan for a client’s business means you must know something about the client’s business. You need to know:

  • Specifically who they are marketing to.
  • Their specific products and services.
  • Their ‘Niche’ and ‘Home Market’.
  • Details of their pricing levels and program options.
  • How they market their products and services.

These details give you some good markers as to whom you are providing solutions for in the industry.

By finding a basis for your content marketing and strategy, you have the option of seeking out a specific, well targeted market, and connecting with that market on a variety of topics.

A few things to consider when putting together your specific content marketing plan include:

1 – What are your content marketing strategy goals?

Is your content designed to build a list for of buying customers within a targeted market? Or more specifically created to sell a product or service? Perhaps, your basic call to action is grabbing contact information to schedule a meeting?

Content Marketing StrategyIn one of my favorite books “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing” it starts by saying that to succeed in marketing you want to be first to be known in your category. If you’re not going to be first, then make up a new category. GREAT ADVICE!

Content marketing creates an opportunity like none other, to PROVE your EXPERTISE in your Niche Market. If you haven’t done that yet, you’re not going to get very far with your marketing effort, because nobody will believe you’re the best in that field. And nobody buys from anyone who isn’t the BEST.

Think about it!

If you want great sports gear, you go to NIKE. If you want great wedding gowns you call David’s Bridal. If you’re looking for the best vehicle, you go to Ford Motor. You are automatically drawn to the BEST in any industry, because they have what you are looking for in the BEST quality.

Whatever your niche, either prove you’re the best, or create a new niche and be number ONE in that niche.

2 – What are your content marketing strategy steps?

The best strategy is to know exactly what you want to accomplish and stay focused on that goal as you create the content that will market your business online.

niche marketa) Know your specific niche market and write specifically for that niche.

b) Create a list of keywords that your market will use to find you and use those keywords in every article you write.

c) Write and post articles that will offer hard evidence of your expertise in a given area, proving that you’re the TOP Go-To-Guru in that specific niche.

d) Generate at minimum 250 articles in your given niche so that when anyone searches for your niche, you are the TOP person listed, and your content fills up the front page of your niche.

e) Provide evidence with relevant content, information, and referrals to prove your position.

3 – Apply your content marketing strategy to every article you write.

Most content marketers have a select group of article templates they use to write their articles. I personally have about 7 that I use regularly, and the rest are pretty random… I use them now and then when they are applicable, and otherwise I use my standard 3 bullet with a few random sections to define my 3 main bullets – similar to THIS article.

The key to creating powerful content is to find templates that work, then apply your content to the working templates and be a little bit creative in your writing processes. You’re the writer, use writer license, and stick to your program.

The end-game of your strategy is to PROVE you’re an expert at the topic of which you write. Don’t play the game if you’re not going to win. Don’t lose your focus. And stick to your plan with every single article you write.


You probably already know that ANYONE can write content and put it on the internet, but it takes a professional, expert copywriter to create powerful, niche-building, expert-making, content that will drive traffic to your website and SELL your products. So, unless you’re going to do the job yourself and really get focused on proving your expertise – your plan is to hire a professional!

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