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compelling contentThere it is, the secret to creating 50 compelling, well written marketing articles within your brand and keeping them coming every week, for a whole year. If you write just one a week for a year, you’ll have 50. That’s 50 more than you had last year at this time.

So, let’s get down to business and decide what to write about…

Every marketer needs some content, on their website, and content driving readers to their website. So this is the 3 part secret of how to do that, and make your website profitable at the same time.

#1 Secret Step to Content Development Success

Write one stand alone, solution based article for your niche every single week. I usually call these Tower Articles and have a template of sorts to build upon, to make the article stand out, stand alone, and stand up to the reader base that expects my content to solve their problems. A Tower Article can be a mega 1000 word essay with some in depth power details that will knock their little red socks off, or it might be simply a quickly written 400 word promo that offers 3 clear steps to success using my product or services. Either way, the article should offer substance, content, and viable data that doesn’t REQUIRE a purchase to complete, although a purchase, or click to more information is acceptable to most of my readers, because they know they will get high-quality content, not a marketing ploy when they click or purchase my information.

Do this 50 times, post each one on your website as a blog post, and at the end of the year, you’ve got 50 pieces of high-quality content.

#2 Secret Step to Content Development Success

Always offer a viable resource box with a compelling call to action. Yes. Always. On EVERY single article you write. (I know, I occasionally skip this part, but I realize when I do, I lose business.) People really do need and WANT to be told what to do next. This isn’t a statement about their intelligence, it’s a statement about making decisions. End of the day, when we’re reading the content, searching out solutions, and looking for answers, we don’t want to make another decision about ANYTHING. We want to just follow directions.

So tell them what to do next.

Now that you know what to do, here’s the product mentioned and where you can find it, just click here, or if you still need more information about this topic, please do click on this link.

Yes, it is as simple as that. And of course, provide the links.

Or do it with a banner:

7 dollar business

Your objective is to give your reader something to do. Tell them what to do, where to go, what to click, and the simple steps to do next, once they’ve read your article.

#3 Secret Step to Content Development Success

If you’re just writing for the fun of putting words out into space, there are plenty of places for you to post your content and never gain a thing from it, including your own blog. But most of us would like to gain something for our effort. Whether that is to inform the people of a situation, offer up solutions to a needed and viable niche of people, or make a few dollars based on our knowledge, the result at the end of the day is that we want something back.

How you get something back may be the difference in the content you write, and how you apply your content to the internet. 

You may want to write content for someone else and just get paid to write, or you may want to ghost write for other bloggers. That too is a method of getting something back for writing. And if that’s your goal, and you’re good, you can make a great deal of profit as a writer. writer ad

Some of the most profitable writers I know write for other people and NEVER publish anything in their own name. It definitely is an option, if you have no intention of becoming known for your own word smithing efforts. After all, not everyone can, or desires to be a famous writer.

What you can do with your content, if you write for someone else, might amaze you.

Either way you choose to write for profit, whether you’re building your own website, proof of your own expertise in a given area, or supporting another person’s niche, you should be making a profit from your words. Content matters, and you can be successful just on content development alone.

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