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You might be interested to know that I’ve written 40 blog posts since I had to reset my blog/website after hackers destroyed it in December. That’s more than one a week, most weeks at least three.

Latte and a BibleAnd the blog posts have gotten some attention from my readers again. Even though I was offline for about 3 weeks fighting the hacker label that struck my domain with a RED screen announcing that I had hacker issues – long after I’d destroyed the hacker access and content they’d splattered all over my front page.

It’s my domain… I own the delete button. And trust me, I know how to use it.

So, what does 40 blog posts do for my online business?

  1. They pull organic traffic to my website, bringing in targeted readers, who want what I offer – from Google.
  2. They offer money making options for me, or for my readers who hire my services to build their websites, blogs, or content managers.
  3. They bring in people who want solutions for their marketing and online business building systems.

And that’s just the start of what they do… Because I tend to write about whatever floats my boat, trips my trigger, and sets my world on fire. If it appeals to me, it most likely appeals to my audience, so I write about everything from relationship building, to web development, to faith and trust in God.

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Thing is…

My blog is about me. It’s written FOR you, but I can’t write about YOU. I have to write about what makes my world spin, and more often than not, it’s the same thing that makes your world spin too.

So, how does that translate to solutions for your business?

  • Marketing solutions and strategies that work for my business will work for others too, so I often write those strategies and solutions Write Blog Contentinto the framework of marketing content that allows me to share services and concepts that are relevant to marketing online. The basis, a foundational element of the process, is content that has bullets, questions, answers, and processed thoughts about how to apply the concepts of marketing.
  • Traffic generation is a process that happens when like minded people find like minded people and bring them together to participate in a common goal. By sharing information that matters to my readers, they find me on search engines because they have similar interests.
  • Amazingly enough, my interests are similar to the interests of people who need what I offer. It isn’t a huge deal to share your views of life online, by sharing events of your life, but so often a marketer online will attempt to keep their private lives separate from their business. It isn’t a bad idea, but when you separate your life from your business, you miss out on a huge communication option that is available to you.

Putting valuable content on your website, and building an audience that relates to your content generates traffic and brings in valuable readers, who are more able to relate to what you do.

Not every reader who appreciates my marketing advice is a marketer online. Some of them need my advice, but they don’t market for other people, they market their own products. Or they have a website that has been built by someone else, but needs to be more popular with people who will buy what they sell.

Oris GeorgeOne creative homemaker who spends the majority of his days caring for his wife who has developed some medical issues as she aged, uses his site to market cards, his book, and tea towels that he stitches on a treadle machine. He isn’t making a million every year, but he supplements his retirement income and has a growing audience on his website. The key to his business growing online has been sharing his memories of growing up in the mid-1900’s.

There are many who wish for those simpler days in these years of technology and instant disposable living. By sharing his memories on his website, Oris George appeals to an audience that many who offer similar products just don’t have access to online.

Arkansas RiverAnother gentleman who shares his writing and photography on his website, offers tips for survival and ideas that help people to maintain their lives in troubled times. Can you think of any who might want information about those kinds of things? James C. Mulaney offers a single concept in each blog post, and frequently includes a photo of relevant objects, or a link to his photography site, where you can order framable prints for your home.

Both use concepts from my blog posts to create content, develop marketing strategies, and generate traffic for their websites.

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