Covfefe – In the End We WIN!

There you have it. The true meaning of #Covfefe.

In the end we win.


I always find amazement in the rabbit trails the press will rush into thinking they have a rabbit somewhere along the way, but instead there’s a rattle snake in the hole… Lying in wait.

There it was… Middle of the night. A tweet gone wrong (Or right, depending on how you look at it) and the President goes off to sleep, comfortably cozy in the knowledge that he sent a message, and it would hit it’s mark. Little did he know the massive distraction that would prove to come from his midnight typo.

Or was it?



Code? Transparent revelation? The open ended statement left hanging on the edge of twitter, waiting for something more? Could there be an explanation? What would he say if he hadn’t drifted off to sleep… leaving that word to trail around the world?

When my friend Corynn posted, “The night when your neighbor’s house alarm goes off at 2:30 am for over an hour and they come ring *your* doorbell asking if you know how they can turn it off.” this morning… All I could think was… #covfefe

It’s the new code word for oooops?

Well, it could be such a simple thing as auto correct didn’t work, but who’d want to stop there? It’s way more fun watching the prestitutes piss themselves over their run in with the snake.

Fortunately. Good Humor.

I appreciate a man who can laugh at himself. Truly, it’s a blessing to have a president who isn’t so caught up in proving his image that he can’t laugh when he ‘cuts one’. It’s all about the noise!

With the current press chasing their tails (and cotton tails) through the massive tunnels and caves where secrets reside, I have to say, “It’s refreshing to know we have a president who can state the obvious, laugh at the ‘gaming press’ and move on to shutting down the Paris Accord. Done. BOOM.

Meanwhile, the press and anti-trumpers are wading in puddles of their own making trying to figure out what covfefe means.

Sean Spicer adds flavor!


Sean Spicer

He’s into it… The press wants to know what it means and he says, “The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant.” Spicer refused to explain or identify the small group of people who, for some reason, are the only people in the world capable of understanding that a made-up word means something.. And moves on. He. Moves. On.

He doesn’t explain. He doesn’t waste time on it. He moves on.

Did I mention that I love Sean Spicer! Absolutely LOVE him.

In the end we win.


Such a simple word. Such a fun sound to make. Such fun to write and share, and the biggest boost of all, comes with the press’ inability to let go of a single oooops.

Code. Word. For… In the end we win.

There you go folks. Covfefe!

It isn’t my usual post on my website, because I really am not doing the political thing here… But this was just too good to pass up. And I had to share.

I’m pretty sure if I search for it, I’ll find more about this – perhaps even a bible verse or language art to share with more information proving my surmises but… Why? Why not just #covfefe – because… In the end we win.

If you need a website, give me a call. I have one ready for you!

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