Covfefe #WalktheDog

And the beat goes on…

You and I know, we really all do know this, that Covfefe means #walkthedog #meetmeforcoffee at #theranch because we send this message often. In fact, we’ve sent it out so many times, that we’ve lost count.

So, when I read the midnight tweet, I knew.

I don’t know why the press doesn’t know.

It’s no secret. We meet at the ranch for coffee every morning after we walk the dog.


How often do we misspell a word on twitter? On facebook? On our blog posts? Or in a text? What do those words mean? Do they shift the future? Do they change our past? Do they rock a nation?

Covfefe has rocked a nation…

Not only the possible meanings, the man who wrote it have shifted the minds of a nation to a single word… What does it mean? Who can figure it out?

And then, we wonder…

What difference will it make?

Sitting here at my computer, the morning after, I’m thinking only one thing…

I need more coffee!

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