DaisiesThere are times when I realize I’m living vicariously through my friends, and one of those times has come to light more and more often recently as my friend cares for her husband who has been sick for a long, long time. It isn’t the care giving, or the acknowledgment of his illness that gives me pause, but rather the tender constant love he gives to her.  She’s an absolutely amazing friend, and I could NEVER ask for a better friend. Beyond that, I’ve noticed that her husband is a generous and caring friend as well. And having the ability to count him as my friend too, gives me great comfort.

Recently, when I learned of their concern for a health issue that I just couldn’t acknowledge or offer voice to, I turned to my most significant favorite – the daisy – to offer up the understanding and hope I dared not breathe myself. An everlasting hope of life, love, and abundant good health. And praises to the Lord above for His answer to the prayers I offered so profusely, until I heard the answer. Thank you, Lord!

But that isn’t the tender mercy of which I speak today…

DaisiesI’ve been married, and I’ve had male friends who loved me, but none so tenderly and considerately, and my friend’s husband loves her. If you asked her, she would tell you that he’s one in a million, and she raves about the tender, generous, and loving things he says and does for her. I don’t envy her. And I’m not jealous of her. Yet… I find myself admiring her husband more and more as the years pass. I admire his tender tenacity as he gently provides for her needs, cares for her, and appreciates her efforts to care for him. I appreciate his tender and loving heart.

When I call and she ‘can’t hear another word of my struggles’ she often hands him the phone.

Honestly, I’d be okay if she just laid the phone down and quietly went about her day, allowing me to ‘let my child speak’, but she caringly listens until my child connects with hers and then she gives the ‘adult in the room’ the opportunity to settle my fears with a kind word, a quiet, yet tender nod, and encouragement to move beyond my pain and live again.

Sometimes love is just a circle of daisies, tumbling one after another around a woven thread. It doesn’t take a special flower, or one grown as elusive, and exquisite, but rather a prolific and abundantly grown daisy to spread cheer and hope. I appreciate the abundant growth of daisies in our lives.

I appreciate the abundant growth of daisies in our lives.

Her husband inspires her, and often — me too.

Summer promise and hopeWhen I knew he was ill, and she needed someone to listen as she worked through the grief of caring for him, and helping him seek better, more consistently GOOD medical care, I listened as much as I could. Still dealing with my own horrific health issues, sometimes my ability to hear her disappeared and though I was still physically present and attempting to listen, my mind would wander. I know she sometimes felt as if I weren’t listening close enough, but that wasn’t ever the case. My fear of her loss, and how it would affect both of us made me sad.

I appreciate her advocacy and hoped to encourage her as she advocated for better health. I often would search for answers, and offer up advice when she asked. Still, the horror of losing him to his health issues had me as bound up in fear, as it did her – although in different ways.

I’m hanging onto the hope of a summer promise, and the abundance of daisies.

At times, I could only offer hope…

My friend has a deep love for flowers, the earthy essence of growing life, and the bounty of which we are blessed by the earth’s generous abundance. So when I knew all I could offer was hope. Simple. Earthy hope. I reached for the one thing I knew she could appreciate, the one thing I could offer, that might encourage her to keep advocating for his benefit. I sent her daisies.

The perpetual hope of all things growing, abundantly, profusely, and connected with every element to the full appreciation of Hope.

Abundant Hope

Daisies offer the simple reminder of Hope!

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