Dear Me (from the future)

Dear Jan,

I know this isn’t the kind of letter you’d normally read, and you probably are having a good time living this life you’ve created for yourself up until now. I remember… I (you) thought I had it pretty good back then, even though there had been a few bumps in the road.

I want you to know, I remember living ‘that life’ and you’re right, you have it pretty good. But you should know, I’m writing you this message from the future (2036), and it’s going to get a whole lot better.

rough roadsYou see, I can’t tell you exactly what’s going to happen, but I can give you a few helps along the way, so you’ll move past the bumps you’re struggling with today – and get on with living!

So, listen up chicky, and let’s get this process moving!

First, your kids will be fine. They’re doing great where you are now, but down the road a piece, they’re absolutely amazing. All those battles you’ve struggled with, the ones that broke your heart and left you crying and praying over each one of those little monsters, well… God knew what was going on and he had already made their paths straight, and through you, and life experience, he set them straight on their paths… But thanks for praying mom, it kept them in His hand when they needed to be.

And about your health, you’re doing a good job of staying healthy, but there are a few things you can do more of… First off, get more exercise. I know, you’re doing your best, but I want you to push it a bit more each day and just ‘do more’. You can do this. You can get healthier and stay healthier, and I’m counting on you. I know you can do this, because that’s what you did, and I’m doing great, but I’d like a bit more energy and sustenance over the years, so get moving chicky!

writingThose books you want to write… START WRITING. I mean really, stop diddling with all the other ‘work you think you should do’ and start writing your books. You’ll be amazed at the results. Just do it. Enough on that – you’ve got this. You’ve written everyone else’s stuff, done all you had to do, and right now – where you are – you have an opportunity to write your stuff. Do that. Write your stuff. And get it published. It’s really THAT good.

Your art hit the big scene recently, thank you for taking time to paint “Where the Road Ends” because it’s still the top of the modern art food chain, and there are many who love your emotional candor. Don’t stop. Paint more. In fact, I’m hoping right now that you make painting a bigger priority in your life because it’s become one of the best retirement plans… I’m reaping benefits as I write.

Now, about your business…


coffee and workYou were on the right track a few weeks back and then you ‘helped that guy out’ because he needed you. No. He took advantage of you. Don’t do that.

You’ve got some amazing clients, and a few you probably need to sort out. Don’t waste time on people who don’t appreciate you.

You should market yourself more. You have a viable business, great services, and you’re good at what you do, tell people.

You should do more of what you do… Do what you enjoy most.

About your personal life…

listen to your heartThat guy you keep bumping into, randomly. It isn’t random. Give him a chance. He’s a nice person, and it could work out. (I can’t tell you more, but listen to me on this one.)

Above all…

Know you’re loved.

There’s nothing to fear.

You and God have this…

I’ll be here waiting when you arrive… I can’t wait to see the changes that are coming.



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