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Define Success — 6 Comments

  1. Wow, Jan! What a lot to process in that little journal! (((HUGS))) I’ve taken one of those journeys myself. Watching you keep on keeping on is a great inspiration to me. I may not always be able to act on every idea you suggest to me, but I do consider you one of my mentors!

  2. Hey Jan. I’m glad I decided to pick on this one to read this morning. This really spoke to me as I’ve struggle with success for long a long time … holding onto stuff, etc. You know. I’m glad for you. You ARE a blessing. You are a fabulous author too! Like Krystine said ^^^ keep on keepin on girlfriend! I love ya!

    • I think many of us struggle with ‘success’ and the definition. The world definition, I believe is quite different than our definition. Thanks! Blessings. Love you too, girlfriend.

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