So excited to see you here. Yes, we do Denver Web Studio Pages, Websites, and Business.

As the executive owner of DWS, it is my pleasure to offer DWS services right here on my own website, where you can either purchase your website, copywriting, or other services, or click through to purchase them from Denver Web Studio.

Web Site Development
So much of our business includes small business owners who need micro-sites for their marketing efforts online, something simple, notable, and yet still easy enough to captivate an audience without being too expensive to maintain, or too costly to promote. And you’re most likely one of those folks. We have just what you’re looking for, and by helping you find the perfect site for your online business, we keep the prices affordable without overloading our burden to supply support, technical advice, and services.

Let me tell you about our Micro Business Model, and the incredibly powerful websites that go along with them.

What is a Micro Business?

A micro business is a one item (or few items) business that sells a lot of product to a fairly large buying market, repeatedly. Usually the item is a specialty item that is loved and used, often high-end, well-designed, and featured as a useful item. I’ve helped set up businesses with a variety of products that sell and market very well using this concept.

Some of those businesses include:

  • Hand made kitchen pot holders, towels, and place mats.
  • Throw Pillows
  • Scarves for women.
  • Hair ornaments and accents.
  • Wedding cakes.
  • Water bottles for hiking /biking.
  • Foot massaging sport socks.
  • Marketing pens & pencils.
  • Gift baskets.
  • Coffee mugs.
  • Phone Covers.

Are you ready to kick off your very own Micro Business Model?

Talk to us about a website, created specifically for this purpose, with a dedicated domain name, SEO, and graphics to get you started on the right foot. We do the upfront work and train you with detailed marketing insight.


You’ll be on top of your game and ready to move forward with your micro business within 30 days, once you decide on a specific niche, and find the solution you wish to offer your niche.

Contact Jan Verhoeff at 303.968.6863 for more information.

If no answer, Text your name and number, she’ll call you back.