Dishrag Story – How Your Belief Matters In Business

Dishrag story from my Grandmother used to keep me in laughs and giggles, until I applied her faith to my life.

When my grandmother was young, there was an old wives’ tale. If you had a wart, it would go away if you stole a dirty dishrag and rubbed it on your wart.

Dishrag StorySo, visiting her sister, they asked her to do the dishes after dinner. Midway through doing the dishes, she needed new dish water. This meant she had to take a pan of water out to the garden and dump it, and they’d left the dishrag in the water. So she took it, rubbed her wart, and threw it under the porch. Her sister spent several minutes searching for that dishrag, even made grandma go back out to see if she dumped it with the dishwater. (which meant grandma had to act a lie too) and some 40 years later, she still felt so bad about that dishrag that she had to ask her sister to forgive her for stealing the dishrag.

You may need to know more details here to understand the dishrag story. Dishrags are purchased by the dozen now. Back then, you may only have one or two dishcloths to wash your dishes, and those were generally cut from worn out clothing. You don’t dump the dishwater in the garden anymore. Before the days of indoor plumbing, you had to heat water on the stove and fill a dishpan. All water was dumped on the garden, so you didn’t waste it. And the wart thing — well, her wart was totally gone within the week. No, it didn’t come back after she admitted she’d lied about the dishrag.

But how does the old wives’ tale, the stolen dishrag story, the wart, and my grandmother’s guilt  affect your business?

The dishrag story is about her faith.

She believed the old wives tale would work to get rid of her wart. She believed it so much that she took action the first time she had opportunity to steal a dishrag. And, she believed so much in her own actions that she was certain the rag would work, and her effort would be blessed with relief from an ugly old wart. And it worked.

What do you believe enough to actually take action?

Do you believe it enough to do something about it, right now?

Can you have enough faith to eliminate an ugly old wart of failure from your life?

I think you can… Let’s hear your old dishrag story!

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