Do you believe in spiritual warfare?

The question came out of nowhere.

As I chatted with a good friend about the horrifying crisis that have injected their ways into our lives recently, her eyes went blank and she asked the question. I said, “Yes.”

Spiritual WarfareShe lives in the middle of a cult-ish community and has been ravaged by spiritual battles since shortly after she moved there.

I had found a church and church family where I was fed nourishing bits of scripture each week, dining on lavishly appointed meals of prayer, and sharing fellowship with some of the strongest Christians I’ve ever known – and I’d located them in the middle of my battle.

Neither of us take the concept of ‘spiritual battle’ lightly. 

The hours that followed our conversation were a reminder that the battle is waged amid the spirit and not of this world. Pitfalls of spiritual amazement were everywhere I looked, and even in the daze of current events, the challenge to overcome the battle was strong. I knew I would win.

Ephesians 6
12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

In high places, it didn’t matter that the wickedness and evil had a human face, God wanted the soul of the human, so he would remove the wickedness and evil. Prayers would be answered and the heart of the human had been claimed for God.

I only had to trust.Latte and a Bible

A similar battle had ensued years earlier, and another’s prayers were heard and answered in a most powerful way. My prayers had been answered in another situation, and I knew, in this new battle, I only had to trust. The Lord would fight this battle, win this heart as his own, and all will be well this time too.

The details of the battle weren’t mine to fight, those belonged to God, but there were specific things I needed to do to win the battle:

Stand on the foundation of truth.

By making my stand and staying firm, knowing truth would carry me through the rough spots, I could hold onto the desires of my heart and stay firm in my faith.

Ephisians 6 Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.Honour thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise;That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.

I’d been raised by strong Christians who believed that God answers prayer, if you seek Him, He will be there, and if you knock on the door, He will answer the door. I believed. My faith was strong. I trusted him to fulfill his promise to me.

I had been an obedient child. I had reason to trust.

Study His word.

By staying in the word, I would find sustenance where it was needed, and encouragement to keep me looking up to God. I needed His word to keep me strong. But more, I needed His word to keep me focused on what was right and good.

As a spiritual being, I needed God’s word to keep me from falling into the deceit of Satan. I needed His word to remind me that God’s word is Holy and Sovereign.

It’s all part of the journey… As confidence comes back.

Confidence out the window…

Hold firm to my Faith.

I’m holding firm to my faith. I’m  not letting go. I know that in the end Jesus wins. I’ve read the LAST chapter. Not a doubt in my mind that prayers are answered, those who are claimed for Jesus eventually come to the fold, because God wins.

No matter how horribly difficult life appears here, I know that God wins. Faith won’t fail me, knowing the last verse.

Spiritual warfare can look quite different, depending on how your spirit reacts to a variety of events. For some, spiritual warfare is actually removing people from your life, even death, but for others, it may be a variety of assaults on your business, or social life. The variables come through in many ways, but almost always the attacks come in waves driving emotional reactions after you’ve been actively pursuing your relationship with Jesus Christ.

In simpler terms…

When you’re doing it right, you can bet your bottom dollar the devil knows and he won’t like it. Put him back under your feet and never EVER let him get a strong hold in your life. Stay in the word, and stay in a relationship with Jesus, maintaining your faith.





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  1. Sister, hold onto that one lone mustard seed of faith, our rewards for persevering are waiting for us, like military award ribbons on our chests that will be on display for all eternity.

    As always, excellent piece.

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