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Do you ever just need someone to HEAR you? — 2 Comments

  1. Good point. Sometimes just being truly heard and understood at the heart of the matter is the pivotal point in the next move forward. But having said that, one can still go around and around the heart issue for a long time, trying to get to the root. And THAT can be trying to yourself much more so to the best of friendships on occasion. But from my own experience, it’s hard to accept the trial, put the whip down, and relearn to love myself deeply again, in spite of the life event which rocks my world. So it’s asking a lot to expect someone else to love me more. (Thanks for accepting my sentence errors beginning with conjunctions.) 😉

    • Mary Lou, I always gain so much understanding from our exchanges. I find myself looking at the pivot point, recognizing that I made a choice. And when I recognize the choice, I can often accept the results, and either choose to change, or choose to move forward on the same track. It’s acceptance of my own choices that often makes the difference for me. Thank you for sharing!

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