Do You HAVE a $100K Offer?

What’s your goal?

Do you have an income goal for the year?

visualize your goals

When I realized that meeting a income goal meant that I had to have a vision of what that might look like, not only in the concept of ‘mental image’ but also in view of how many customers, how much product, how many services, the mission became a reality.

Reality – I need about $3K a month to live comfortably in a reasonably nice home, with necessities, and you know… Food. That’s without business costs, and expenses for keeping up a home, truck, and lifestyle that includes family and friends…

So, I added that to my expenses each month, and created a VISUAL of what my annual income would look like.

1 –  How many customers I need each month.
2 – How much product I have to sell each month.
3 – How many services I have to provide each month.

That’s when I realized that I needed to offer a few services that would meet or exceed those requirements, and I had to have my own act together to know what those might be.

Given the fact that my business at that particular moment was in the process of sliding into the depths of doom… I’d had that. I’d had the success, I knew exactly what SUCCESS looked like. I needed to rebuild with a new vision, because the old vision wasn’t cutting it anymore, due to circumstances beyond my control. I needed help.

That’s when I started pulling out of my resources to find the right person, the right ideas, and the right concept to put together my own $100K package, because I had to have one or I was going to be looking for a job — pretty darned fast.

Creating the business – 

My business plan system looked like a product market, at that point, you buy a product and I get paid, but I needed more long term income from my products and services, so I started counting up the marketing clients and looking at how many of them would actually buy month after month. Then I sent them out a mailer, offering my marketing services at a slight discount if they purchase them monthly, with a subscriber payment that came each month into my paypal account, at the same time. Something I could depend on, with a minimum contract of 6 or 12 months.

Hired monthly, my services came at an hourly rate. I discounted 10% on the hourly rate for expected hours of service and bundled the package into a six month plan, and then I discounted 20% on the hourly rate for expected hours of service and bundled the package into a 12 month plan. They had a number of hours that they could use each month – including an extra hour or two sometimes, just for convenience to them and me – for special events and seasons. But anything over a set number of hours would be charged out at the “discounted for contract” hourly rate. This process encouraged my customers who knew they wanted my service to contract for the longer terms of service, stabilizing my income.

So, what’s the magic number?

If your business needs a plan, and you need help setting up services for a consistent income, generating a $100K annual income, I can help you set this up.

Consulting services are available, and whether you hire my marketing services or not, to help you get your plan off the ground, working your plan will be MUCH easier once you have a written plan and know what you need in the bank each month.

Beyond creating a powerful vision for your business. We can create goals, and a mission to help you attain those goals.

Business Model

What does your business plan look like?

This fun business model created a break-front for my product market, and I was shocked to learn at the time, that by creating one product a week and marketing that product consistently with a marketing list that I could achieve my goals in a reasonable amount of time.

What about you?

Have you ever seen a marketing plan that would meet your goals in a reasonable amount of time? Do you have it on paper? Are you using it, applying it, and having some success with your business model?

Obviously, building your own business, in any market, isn’t for everyone. I really only have room to work with about ten people this month. If you’d like to be one of them, it’s September… You can be well on your way to growing a profitable business by January.

Let’s talk!

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