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Talking to one of my clients this morning, we discussed how she could use articles I write for republication in her business, and I thought I’d use one, and show her how it works. The article below offers 10 Ways to Market Your Business with Lists, and one great way to do that is to actually write lists that refer people back to your business in a variety of ways. top ten business tipsUltimately, depending on where you post, the only link back to your business is in the resource box, at the bottom of your article. But there are other ways to refer people to your business inside the article.

Consider for a moment that your business is Insurance, and your target market is Business Owners who need Liability and Protection Insurance. If you write a list of the Top 10 Business Liabilities – do you think your readers might start recognizing how much they NEED what you’re offering in the lower 40 (or resource box) of your article? Perhaps your market is Farmers who need Crop Insurance, you’d list the Top 10 Reasons why a Farmer Needs Crop Insurance?

The article below offers several ways to make this happen. You’d have to come up with the specific keyword phrases that you need to use to attract your market. That’s it. Now, read the article and learn! Yeah, that’s an order. #smile

Top 10 Best Ways To Market Your Business With Top 10 Lists
By Jan Verhoeff

Basic top 10 lists can do a lot to market your business online, simply because they have ideas your market seeks. When you share the top ideas, especially when you’re part of the list, you show up on searches for other parts of the list. You’re ON the list, therefore they find you too.

When I started building my business there was a guy who did nothing but write Top 10 Lists of anything he could think of. His lists directed people to his favorite top ten of whatever he wrote about, and usually those were specifically things he was interested in. I may never forget my favorite of his dog He had one that was called Top 10 Hotdog Stands in Denver. I remember driving home one afternoon from a meeting, hungry, tired, frustrated because the meeting didn’t go particularly well, and there it was hanging over the sidewalk, a sign that said, “Custer’s Hot Dogs”. I’d never been to the place, but I love hot dogs, so I had read the article. I remembered that Custer’s was number 3 on his list, so I pulled in and parked.

That was the best Hot Dog I remember ever having. I went back to my computer, looked up his website, and started looking for the other Hot Dog Stands he recommended. WOW! Those were some amazing Hot Dogs. And, I’ve been back to several of those hot dog stands since, even though his website has been totally gone for nearly five years. If I’m in the neighborhood, I still stop at those Hot Dog Stands. That’s good marketing!

If you’re looking for a great way to market your business, I’m telling you, “Top 10 Best Lists” are the WAY to go.

Ten Top 10 Best Lists You Could Write to Market Your Business

  1. Top 10 Biggest Competitors
  2. Top 10 Newest Concepts
  3. Top 10 Easiest Ways to Accomplish a Goal
  4. Top 10 Most Scenic Places to Do
  5. Top 10 Most Functional Habits of Leaders
  6. Top 10 Most Effective Ways to Get It Done
  7. Top 10 Busiest Days of the Year
  8. Top 10 Simplest Step-By-Step Programs
  9. Top 10 Phrases to Search in Your Industry
  10. Top 10 Marketing Ideas for Your Niche

Now just change the words that come after Top 10 and add your own thoughts, then write your top ten list to market your business online. Easy, peasy, right?

I can think of a million of these, how about you?

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