Do you know the difference between a pond and a cup of coffee?  I can tell you right now, if you don’t know the difference, I’d prefer you not serve my coffee. And there’s a direct connection between a red coffee cup and your dynamic market. Do you know what that is?

red coffee cup

There are  people who will buy your products, and people who will not.

This may come as a surprise to you, but this is truth.

A while back, I found myself looking for a new coffee cup. I’m a picky drinker, I like specific kinds of cups. And I’m particularly fond of the idea that “this is my cup” and nobody else drinks out of it.

This is a concept I hadn’t even really thought about until I spent time working out of my church kitchen a few years back. I’d always had my own coffee counter, and my own cup, but I didn’t realize how territorial I was about my cup.

I really didn’t want anyone else drinking out of my cup. It was mine.

I took that concept so far as to purchase a RED coffee cup that didn’t belong in THAT kitchen. It was so different, that nobody else picked it up. It was my red coffee cup.

That experience made me a better marketer, because it taught me to look at the specifics of my product and my customers.

Find Your Specific Dynamic Market

red coffee cup

When you realize that you only sell blue coffee cups, you’ll understand that you can’t sell to the specific dynamic market that is only going to buy a red coffee cup. While this is a simplistic view of a much larger dynamic, the concept of finding your specific dynamic market begins to make more sense when you see it in coffee cups.

Therein lies the problem…

If you’re like most marketers I meet on social media, and even on Main Street here in my local marketing district, you’re focused on selling a product or service, but you don’t know exactly who will buy it.

You just hope someone comes into your store, stops by your websites, or joins your list, and purchases what you offer.

Know Your Product Know Your Buyer

Swans are like products.

dynamic market

Your products are incredible. They’re designed well, they’re beautiful. In fact, as products go, even if it may have started out as an ugly duckling to begin with, you’ve worked hard to mold and make  your product into something beautiful, viable, and lovely – to appeal to a greater market. You’re so detailed in your process of designing your product that you’ve added great packaging, and you show your product in the best light. Graceful, elegant, and pure luxury in motion. This incredible product you’ve created has taken all of your time and you’ve got the perfect method of putting your swan on the market – you know that EVERY BODY wants one, because it’s so beautiful.

You’re ready to deliver your swan to the pond. And you know exactly how to do this.

There you are presenting your swan in the most eloquent fashion, in all it’s glory, white feathers preened and sparkling in the morning sun… but you’re not making a single dime. Nobody is buying your magnificent swan. So you look over your swan, and pluck the tattered feathers, polish it all up, and set it back in the pond. Everyone looks… But nobody is buying your swan. What could be wrong?

Is there something wrong with your swan? No.

Your swan is perfect. Your swan is the most beautiful swan on the pond. And everyone is looking at your swan. But nobody is buying your swan, because nobody sitting around that pond wants a swan. Nobody needs a swan. As pretty and perfect as your swan is, nobody at that pond wants your swan.

Did you get it all wrong? Is it the swan?

Quite honestly, here’s that dynamic secret we’ve been talking about, and you need to look closely here… Because I’m going to reveal to you the absolute truth about why you’re not selling your swan.

dynamic market

If you’ve got swans swimming in a red coffee cup, you’re delivering your swans to the wrong pond.

And now you know, it isn’t your swan. It isn’t your product. It isn’t even that you’re in the wrong business. The problem that is preventing you from selling your swan, is that you’re delivering your swans to the wrong pond. You’re selling to the wrong market.

Let’s Target YOUR Market!

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