Email Campaigns – Attention Grabbing Subject Lines That Get Read

Sometimes you just have to reiterate what you’ve already said. This is one of those messages that seemingly NEVER gets old. Everyone needs to know how this works.

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By Jan Verhoeff

Pick up right where the conversation left off, as if you’ve been talking to this client on the phone, and you’re just finishing the conversation. No matter what the topic, if you can pick up where you left off – whether or not you’ve ever talked to this person before, they’ll believe you’re just continuing the conversation.

Email Campaigns

You know you’ve received messages like this… They start out with “Did you finish reading that book?” and you glance back at the name and wonder what book you’d told them about. It may never occur to you that you’ve NEVER met this person before in your life; you’re too busy wondering about the book.

This morning, I received a message from a marketer I know online. The subject line said, “Stop that, Jan!” I looked back at the name and smiled at the concept. I’ve never talked to this particular writer before in my life, but I was wondering what he wanted me to stop doing. I’d already clicked on the link.

Of course, at that point, I was captured. I had to glance at the email, to see what he had in mind.

Email Campaign Fails

He comments on my business, discusses the option to succeed or fail in business, and dares me to take a look at this idea he’s cloned from the many other ideas on the Internet. I scrolled down and took his dare, doubled it, then threw out another anti, upping his risk while I read over the next paragraph.

He told me what other marketers did to succeed, and hinted at a choice of better options for success. Then he takes the responsibility for my business failure. Hey, now there’s a winning combination. He took away the risk for me personally by taking responsibility for my failures, so I’m free to try something that won’t fail.

He then does what makes marketing work, the whole world over… He told me what to do next. Of course I did it. I always obey, until you get started into my pocket. Then I started reading, and he knew this already.

Email Campaigns Success

Once he’d got his hand in my pocket, he gave me references. This is where he has people who have already used his product tell me how well it works, what a wonderful product it is, and how it will make me wealthy, provide a hot man just the way I like him, and give me a new Jag for my driveway, all for the low and equitable price of – uh – $27.00 a month for the rest of my life.

Did I buy?

Of course I did, and I bought because I’d visited his website, gotten to know him, signed up for his FREE Ezine and I knew that if he promised me good information, I could trust him.

That’s why I invite you to come to and sign up for my ezine. Visit my website and get to know me. I’ll share important information, a lot of tips and ideas, and you’ll get a chance to know who I am and what I offer.

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