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Empowered Bloggers Generate Traffic Driving Comments — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Jan,

    There’s probably no more powerful method of getting traffic to your blog than blog commenting.

    I’ve been doing this for years and teaching it to so many students.

    I’ve never heard anybody disappointed with this strategy.

    It’s definitely worth doing but again something that you’ve got to do.

    Knowledge is Knowledge… but implementation is everything.


    • I think, Donna, the one thing I struggle most with getting done, is that list of “everything on the to-do list.”

      It seems, there’s always another task waiting. And I teach this process, and do it. But I’m always catching myself putting off a step. “I’ll get to that later.” Kind of thing, when the schedule fills up. But always, comments make a difference.

      I love visiting your blogs, they always offer so much value, and so much to comment on. I can always find something to say, that ads value.

      Possibly because we market in the same kind of niche?

      I love the content.


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