Escaping the cage…

I sometimes feel like a goldfish, sitting at my desk long hours, inside the windows of my home office, where people driving by “could” see me sitting there working away at my computer,  and then… The moment happens and I get up, slip my feet into my shoes, and walk out the door.


A week ago, we visited the zoo, and my grandson asked about letting the monkeys out of their cage to play. I considered it for all of a millisecond. Watching real monkeys, those cute little imps of mischief (are they all named George?) swinging freely through the trees in the zoo, up the mountain, and laughing at all the people (obviously there would be people chasing them, in an attempt to put them back), and ultimately getting into mischief all their own… I felt the temptation. Then the reality check that followed. Those monkeys aren’t native to Pikes Peak, and they wouldn’t have someone caring for them outside their cages, so they would be ‘at risk’.

Monkeys outside their cage would enjoy freedom at first, climbing trees, swinging from limb to limb, and loving the world outside the restraints of their bar surrounded lives. But when it came dinner time, there might not be bananas, or a salad served up in the ‘usual place’ and the monkeys would be hungry without the means to hunt for food, and without the food they need to survive. What then?

But me…

Freedom, outside the cage is an opportunity to apply skills I haven’t used since the last time I was out in the big world jungle, such as foraging for food at a local pub, or meeting new friends, driving the parking lots that strangle traffic, or visiting a local materialistic outlet and absorbing up the contents into ecologically dangerous plastic bags. Life outside the bubble for me can be an adventure, and I can survive.

So, I’m opening up the door and letting in the sunlight this weekend, because come Sunday afternoon, I’ll be hitting the road to freedom, making an adventure out of traveling across country to see my son, and visit a friend, and accomplish some awe-inspiring feature goals, that I haven’t really pursued since… um… Last December, when I last made this journey.

The last time I made this journey… I was a Grandma with a new baby girl and hadn’t seen the baby yet… This time, that baby is six months old.

I’m excited. I’m happy to be road tripping again, and I think I can really have a great time, so if by some chance you don’t hear from me as often as you think you should, well… Enjoy the down time, and when I get back, I’ll have a whole lot of NEW and fun, and exciting stuff to share.

Let’s do this!


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