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Do you ever feel invisible? — 1 Comment

  1. I think we all struggle with invisibility when we’re going through major life transitions, are under stress, or entering a new phase in our lives. For me, it is about trying to figure-out what I want this next phase to look like. There is much less road in front of me compared to what is behind me. I want to make a difference. I want to make these last years count. I also want to enjoy this last stage of life. I’ve worked hard, and things haven’t always been easy. Far from it. I want to love and hold my family and friends close to me, and let them know how much I love them. I also want to share my wisdom with my children, grandchildren, friends and family, in hopes of making their lives, and our country better. I want to leave this life knowing I’ve made things better. Right now, that dream is on a slippery slope. There are forces out there that are working against me. It saddens me to my core. When I think about how hard my ancestors worked to etch-out a life, and how selflessly they gave to their country, it nearly brings me to tears to see people spewing hate-speech towards Americans. I spend a lot of time in another country, and it is shocking to see anti-American sentiment being leveled against Americans. Both in person and on social media. Our past president encouraged this sentiment, and apologized for behaviors far less offensive than what is commonplace around the world. He, in fact,fabricated offenses by Americans to promote this border-less, One World Order, Agenda 21 propaganda. So yes, I feel invisible. The left doesn’t seem concerned, and even promotes this agenda like a flock of sheep blindly following their shepard. Many people I love and care about are blindly following.

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