From managing the marketing side of your website, to organizing the details of your sales pages, my efforts to put you in front of a targeted audience, hungry for what you offer, will be personal, responsive, and relevant to your business. Leading the program with an analytical foundation, competitive services, and immediate action on your account, will make everything you do more profitable because I do the marketing for you.

I offer more than just expert marketing.

Marketing StrategyWith more than forty years of marketing experience, professional service, and knowledge of sales, business building, and customer relationships to back me up, I do everything necessary to put your product and services in the hands of potential customers to increase your bottom line, profit.

My goal is not only to help you bring in new business, but to increase the marketability of your online services and products for sustainable and lasting profits to your business.

I assist you in the development of a client base, help you structure your marketing and response programs to meet the customer’s needs, and offer powerful followup and sustainability for your marketing efforts, because I offer personal service. Not only do I personally oversee your account, when one of the team members from my agency works for you, but I often add a layer of service over and above what they can provide.

I provide my clients with a comprehensive range of online marketing services, and in most instances can have any updates and improvements to your business accounts completed within 48 hours of receiving the documentation. Usually, this includes weekend services.

I’d like to meet with you, schedule an interview, and get you started on our expert marketing program.

Contact me by email or by phone: 303.968.6863

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