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Do you need a Facebook marketing tip that works, every time? Like most, I got caught up in #hashtag marketing, and it’s definitely doable, but this works EVEN better.

facebook marketing tip

Yeah, it might be a little bit old fashioned, but content marketers have been using it for literally centuries. Since long before internet marketing became a thing, authors used it in books, news paper editors used it in print, and people used it in every day communication.

The Uncommon Facebook Marketing Tip

As more and more people get caught up in the internet, marketing their contents, growing their businesses, and building a following on whatever media they’ve chosen, this particular tip becomes more and more important. You NEED it. This facebook marketing tip can even be used on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, but you need to figure out how to apply it and then use it religiously, every single time you’re online marketing your business, you’ll need to use and apply this tip to your marketing efforts. social media marketing

I personally use it ALL the time. In fact, there are entire months go by that I don’t do any other form of marketing beyond this one thing, but there it is… Keeping my business front and center in front of my clients. This totally uncommon facebook marketing tip does the work of several thousand dollars worth of marketing, and many marketers, all while meandering through the pages of facebook, dawdling even on some pages, and landing incoherently on others, but always there, showing up at just the right time.

Good Old Fashioned Content Marketing

Really, all social media marketing is just good old fashioned content marketing. It isn’t even a process of cloning the phrases, because you can’t duplicate content and gain reward from it, all content must be original. If it isn’t original, your husband and all who read will know you’re a fake. And nobody wants to be a fake marketer. Nobody.

ConfidenceThe thing is…

Anyone can use this one key component of good old fashioned content marketing to drive facebook marketing results, motivate others, encourage buyer results, and achieve success. It’s really just basic intelligence, creativity, and some qualified, quantifiable expertise in your field of choice. When you know what you do so well that you can do it without really going to the trouble of adding research to your own projects, but you research them out anyway, because you want to be the BEST in your own field, you’re almost there.

So are you ready for the key element, the secret to be revealed, and the ultimate one single thing that works every time?

The SECRET Facebook Marketing Tip

In fact, right now, at this very minute… There are people buzzing their phones, searching for this one solution, and they haven’t yet found it because they’re looking right over the top of this one key element of facebook marketing that is so uncommonly common that people do it without knowing they’re doing it.

blowing up their phoneIt’s literally blowing up their phone! And they’ve seen it done a million, gazillion times, over and over again… They even DO IT. But they don’t know that it’s the number one facebook marketing tip, and it gets results every single time they do it.

I want you to know that this old fashioned content marketing tip is so common that it’s done even by you – every single time you get online to post on facebook, or twitter, or linkedin, or your blog – you do it too.

Finding a long tail keyword phrase that is uniquely yours, something you use that attracts your marketing, brings in your buyers, sells your product, and relates to your buying audience is the ultimate, uncommon facebook marketing tip that will drive your traffic every single day, and everyone does it. But few ever actually apply it to marketing.

You do it. Because people recognize your voice when they see something you’ve written, even without seeing your name, your best buds will know you wrote it. It’s your phrase and you all have at least one, that you could be using to market your business, bring buyers, and sell your product to a well-targeted niche of buying customers.

What long tail keyword phrase do you use to describe yourself?

Is it the right long tail keyword phrase?

Can your people find you on facebook if they search for it?

If they can’t, why not?

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