Finding the Message Inside Your Passion

Randomly, I invite a guest to post their story on my site, and today I’ve invited Ryan Biddulph to share his story about how a crashed website due to hosting rules changed his life, and his blogging style. Below you’ll find his story, and his bio. Please do read his story and share something about your own story.

Ryan BiddulphRyan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon.

Ryan can help you build a successful blog with the 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course.

I freaked out in Fiji.

In 2014 I faced a crossroads. My web host took down my blog. I had to either delete 1000 posts to get my blog back online or trash the blog and my cash flow streams.

At 2:30 AM, after discovering this career-changing circumstance while suffering through jet lag, I made a bold decision.

I chose to honor my passion.

I had circled the globe for the 3 years prior. I genuinely loved blogging. I was genuinely sick of my old blog.

So instead of trying to keep my “make money online plus 50 topic” blog alive and unwell I followed my passion.

I trashed the old blog. 3,400 posts, cash flow streams, and all.

I created Blogging From Paradise.

I decided to help my readers retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

My prime passion is blogging. I love it. So I decided to teach people how to blog. But I added a passionate twist to the equation. I love traveling too. So I worked my exotic world travels into my brand as well, creating an authentic brand fueled my love and fun.

Things took off. Fast. I saw an income spike. I wrote 2 best selling eBooks on Amazon. I later went on a creative tear and wrote 126 Blogging From Paradise eBooks.

I was featured on some of the world’s most famous blogs, from Richard Branson’s Virgin blog, to Forbes, to Entrepreneur to the Huffington Post. I spoke at NYU. I was even featured on Fox News online. Just this past week I contributed as a guest poster to Positively Positive and Lifehack Dot Org.

How did I make the quantum leap from middle of the road, average blogger to established blogging pro featured on top blogs?

I found the message inside of my passion.

You may be terrified to follow your passion because you’ve no clue what to do with it. Or maybe you have no clue in Hades how following your passion benefits you.

Keep these ideas in mind to mine the miraculous message in your deepest passion.

Your Calling to Something Bigger than You

I ain’t gonna lie; a little over 3 years back I mainly did stuff online to serve me. I looked out for A1. Most of the time.

Sure I helped folks. I enjoyed assisting others. But since my passion did not lead me or drive me my online gig was mainly about me.

I did a 180 with Blogging From Paradise. I was led by passion.

I quickly saw a clear, distinct message in my passion: when you follow your love you are called into a role much bigger than just providing for yourself.

Example; today, I could do a bit of work, make some money, pay bills, put food on my table and fund my travels. All my needs met. Cool.

But instead, I woke at about 7 AM and after a rigorous morning self-help routine (meditation, ice-cold shower, exercise and stretching) I began my blogging day with an intent to follow my fun and to serve as many folks as possible.

This is the 3rd guest post I am writing today. Already commented on a ton of top blogs. I completed and scheduled my next post on Blogging From Paradise. I helped folks on the Warrior Forum and Quora. I just promoted my guest post on Lifehack and am still responding to folks who are engaging on my post at Positively Positive, connecting with members of these collective 4 million fan communities.

My blogging journey is much bigger than me since I followed my passion.

Tighten Up Your Niche

Note the word: passion. Singular. Not plural.

When I trashed my old blog I released on all niches. Save 1.

Your passion is specialization, on steroids. Meaning the energy and attention you devote to following your singular passion forces you to release on all other niches.

This is a good thing. Experts tighten up their niches, devote all of their attention and energy to learning and working their niche inside out and maximize their profits by trimming the niche fat.

Boost Profits through Specializing

When I tried to work multiple niches with my old blog I had a tough time making money online. Nobody is good enough or driven enough to master and profit through multiple niches simultaneously.

But the day I chose to follow my singular passion I instantly made more money through my blog, quite easily.

Such is the power of profiting through specializing, and you usually specialize when you follow your singular passion.

Your passion screams at you: do this 1 thing you love, do it well and when you do it well and gain a rep in your niche people will pay you to help them through your products and services.

Ryan Biddulph was born in Plainfield, New Jersey. After being employed in a series of corporate jobs Ryan worked for 4 years as a security guard at Port Newark, NJ before being downsized. He went on to become globe trotting professional blogger who owns the website Blogging from Paradise.

Your Turn

What messages are you finding in your passion?



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