Friday Friends & Family – Inspired by People

Do you ever find yourself inspired by the people who surround you?

I have some amazing friends and family members who have accomplished great things, but some of the most inspiring, don’t claim any degree of fame for anything. In fact, if  you asked them, they’d say, “I’m not all that.”

And today, I beg to differ.

Bryan Kincade

Brian Kincade

There’s a little guy who never ceases to amaze me, and he’s been amazing me for well over thirty years. As a little tyke, he just loved on everyone. We called him ‘Bam Bam’ after the blond destroyer on the Flintstones, because he was prone to slamming just about anything with whatever he had in his hand. Destruction wasn’t his intent, although, often the result.

Growing up, he had an independent streak that just didn’t stop. He wasn’t the calm, cool, collected kid, and he didn’t ‘play well with others’ because he was more often bigger than they were, and his attempts at play were mistaken for dominance. But really, he just wanted to be part of the action.

His mama didn’t let being single stop her from giving him a big heart for all outdoors, and he learned to hunt and fish. Even in those early days, filling their table with God’s goodness was his greatest pleasure.

In 1997, he and his brother worked for my construction company, and I ended up working with them on a job a ways off from home. As we worked, I learned to rely on their strength and tenacity, as they relied on my knowledge of how to do the job. One afternoon, equipment failure knocked me hard to the ground, and my first ‘wake up moment’  was this kind and gentle face in front of me, “Are you okay?” When they realized I was going to survive the knock on the head, laughter and reverberating stories of what happened ensued.

I still had to drive us all home.

As he became a father, and took care of his aging great grandparents, lived in the community, and stepped up as a leader in his own world, I watched, sometimes from far off. It was with great pleasure that I asked him to start writing a column for one of my websites a few days back, and a great joy to publish one of his first columns. He’d written a commentary about a local icon who passed, detailing how he knew him, and what a good person the guy was.

Relevant to the community, and even more so, to the genre of the site, where community and the people who live there are celebrated, his commentary was published as the #3 post, and began drawing comments. People from the surrounding area have been commenting on the post, and the man he wrote about…

Bryan grew up, and has continued his love of hunting and fishing. Now, I hope, he’ll also pursue a new interest in writing, at least part of the time…

Oh, and he’s not a little guy anymore… These days, he could hunt bear with a stick.

Blogging, writing, and making a place for yourself online doesn’t mean you have to be a super talented writer, or even a recognized expert in anything. You can become recognized for what YOU choose to do, and still share who you are, while writing valuable content for the Internet.

The people who inspire me most are not popular or well known, but generally just everyday kind of people who love other people.

Thanks, Bryan Kincade, for being an inspiring kind of guy!


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