Global Economics on Main Street U.S.A.

Global economics resound when you apply them to basic main street marketing techniques and use those techniques on your website.

Chastised lately?

Normally, I don’t answer those no-name, out-of-state calls, but this morning I was picking up my phone and when it rang, my hand slid across the front of it, before I could stop the ‘picking up the phone’ process. And there it was… A call on the line saying, “Hello?”

I try not to be rude, so I responded. The litany from that point forward was a demographic in why you NEVER answer the phone if you don’t know who is on the other end.

For some crazy reason, I listened for about two minutes… Curious as to where this monologue was going. And I realized the script came pretty directly off one of my websites. (Odd, how you recognize your own writing, even in someone else’s voice…)

Hit pause here for a moment, because there’s something you should know about my marketing style. I don’t do high pressure. I do a straight up, this is what I have to offer, it’s available right now, it’s an amazing great product for you. Period.

My brand of hype is pretty straight forward too. 

Somewhere in there, you’ll see the words: amazing, great, and awesome. Because… Well, I’m just amazing, great, and awesome like that. My bravado kicks in and I think you should know. But those are on my pages, because they’re MY pages. I don’t write that same copy for clients, because they have different “words” that should be used to describe and define them. So, I use their words.

It was time to stop this mangling fool in his tracks.

Excuse me? What are you selling?

You understand. You listen. Okay.

(And. He. Continued. Using. My. Script.)

I tried again, this time, not so passively. And he responded again, “I tell you. You listen. You understand.”

This really awesome cool glittering example of humanity read English exceptionally well, but he didn’t speak it worth a darn.

So, I asked him, “How did you get my number?”

“You manager of Main Street Marketing, Yes?”

And I responded, “That is one of my sites. Is that where you got my phone number?”

“I sell you website. You buy from me. I make money for family.”

“I’m a web designer.” I answer him, “And I’m supporting my own family, selling from my site. Please don’t use my script to sell to me.”

“I not sell you site?”

“No. I built that site.” I answer again, “I don’t need a web designer.”

To which he replied, “Crazy American think she know web design, I hang up.”

And he did…


Within about thirty minutes, I’d received 20 emails from various web designers offering to build me a web design on my Market Main Street Online site, which went live about a week ago, after I’d taken it down for a much needed rebranding.

So why am I telling you about this? 

Recently, I purchased a new domain for a client and she asked why I never put her name in the “owner” spot, with her id and phone number. This is why. My clients who wish to own their domains, generally have a purchasing account and buy their own domains, separately, then set name servers to my hosting. We can do that if you wish, but then you get all these calls and email.

In every case, the offer to build the website is a cut rate price, for a hosted site (they want you to purchase hosting somewhere else) and they will build a site on their template for a set price. When they’re done building, they’re done with you. They most often aren’t even available to be accessed for any service work, or added services, because they’re a one shot company. If they are around, ANY additional work, costs you additional money.

In all honesty, I charge for additional services too. The difference is that I’m still available six months, or six years later to help with your site, or to upgrade when your host theme is no longer available.

Their services may be CHEAPER than mine, but they are not better than mine. And you won’t be able to reach them to get more information or directives as to how to put your content on their site, because they’re done. They’ve already left the building. You’re on your own. 

Recently, when Fish Tank Startups, King of the Tank, Kevin Cullis, posted his comments and recommendation to his listeners to get their Websites from me, I noticed he gave plenty of reasons. But here’s the reference post and below are some of his reasons:

1 – Marketing Assistance. “No matter what questions you have about marketing, if Jan doesn’t know, she’ll search out and find the answer. She helps with marketing across the internet, social media, and offers insights you won’t find elsewhere. She’s the top in my book.” Cullis stated.

2 – Web Designer. “Crisp, clean design, with key components of a quality site, and she’ll help you with keywords, optimization, and putting your site higher on the search engines, because she specializes in getting YOU seen online.” Cullis reminded.

3 – Business Sense. “Her Business belly, and ability to understand what you need is bigger than the broadest market with a group of marketers, because her experience is second to none. She’s been there. She’s done it. She knows it. And she shares it.” Cullis continued.

So if you’re looking for a webmaster who can put your business online and build you presence into a marketing platform, or show you how… You’ve found me.

Let’s talk.



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  1. Sympathetic laughter here… I get those emails and phone calls too…

    I also have some doozies of conversations with the callers when they’re real, live people! You can’t tell them anything.

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