The Hair Gel Analogy

gel analogyI did my hair day before yesterday and added hair jel before I put it on rollers, and then brushed it into soft waves… It looked really good. I like the ‘big hair’ look, and had fun arranging the curls before I walked out the door. The gel kept my hair pretty much in place even in the cold Colorado winds. And I glanced in the mirror after a long day with all the kids, grands, and my own hands scrambling through it randomly, to tame it from the wind, and it still looked somewhat presentable – even going to bed after midnight.

Then the next morning. I took a quick shower, but decided not to wash my hair because it gets dry and brittle if I wash it every day… So, there it was, day two and it still looked good.

Gel does the trick…

Then… Day three. I got up and looked in the mirror before I took a brush to the tangled mass of gray curls. Big hair was an understatement. I was pretty sure I was going to need a helmet to tame that mass of bed hair, but I brushed it anyway, noticing the crimped curls near my ears, under layers of softer waves. Ringlets underneath the waves were pushing the top layers out, causing it to look like a super full head of hair, and that’s when my drowsy brain kicked into gear and started tossing out content and articles, ideas and concepts, and how the process of layering content drives traffic to websites.

search engine optimization

What gel has to do with content…

Blogging, when you do it once a week, or once a day, or frequently on some kind of schedule adds content to your website. The more often you do it, the more layers of information, keywords, concepts, and ideas you have on your website for people to locate, search for, and find what they’re looking for. And they will find you… The trick to allowing all those layers of content to be found, is keeping current content on your website to improve the value of your site. The older content remains, and stays on your website, a valuable result of adding information, and the newer content makes your site visible to the search engines.

So, how do you create content for your website when you only have one major topic to write about?

You write a layer at a time.

Start with these ideas – right here:

  • Write about things you do and how your business is affected by them.
  • Write about events coming up, or events past.
  • Include basic concepts in your blog content that will help your buyers to use what you offer.
  • Add ideas and marketable information, tips, and suggestions for your buying audience.
  • Talk to other people. Interviews are an incredible way to share your content in new ways.

As you work with clients, they ask questions. Answer those questions on your blog in an article format such as this one, to help other clients understand. The old adage that if one person asked a question, others need to know is still true, even in this day of instant information. If you’re posting those answers and ideas on your website, people are more likely to find you.

Create a system to make it work!

My favorite content development system is a layered network of informative ideas spread out like expansion wire, to create a grid-work of content.

Plan out and write up a 7 X 7 matrix of ideas, use article titles and start with the 7 most important things you can think of that people might need to know about what you do. Then under each title, write 7 more titles explaining those first seven. If you need to break it down more, you can add 7 more titles under each of those.
The most effective way of creating a network  of content is to generate a matrix and use your matrix as you add content. Many of my own articles are scheduled out of my web development and search engine optimization matrix, because that’s what people ask me about. They want to know how to make their website visible. They might even ask how to help the search engines find their content. I write articles to answer those questions.

Those articles are available on my website (right here), or on where I write content to drive traffic. There are more than 800 articles on EzineArticles and all of them have something to do with building a business, generating traffic, and blogging online. You can either search for me by name (you’ll find my expert status there) or Click Here!

Change UP Your Content with Creative Writing

Every woman knows she’s going to change her hair style now and then. Even men change their style with the fads and fashions that go around, and your website should get an update, improvement, and some clarity now and again with creative writing.

Upping the anti with creative writing, either true stories or some relevant fiction, can be a great way to improve the content of your blog. Can you connect the dots from a Shakespeare “review” and your business? If you can, would that be a great way to pull in lovers of the Bard? How about a sonnet, revealing an experience of one client or other? Perhaps a poem about your specific services, or concepts?

A few years back a poet shared his views of my expertise, and I shared his poem on my blog. It was one of the most visited pieces on my blog for years, and after it had been on the site for several years, another client realized he was near the poet, and asked if he would autograph a copy for me. The client printed off the poem on decorative paper and framed it for my office. I still have that framed poem. Although it doesn’t hang in my office, I came across it in a move a while back and eventually, it’ll be back in my office.

My point is, you don’t have to share just “How to…” content on your website. You can share anything, and that ‘anything’ might be what brings in your audience.

Maximize your viewing audience by bringing in a variety of interested persons through a broad spectrum of content relevant to your niche.

Get out of the blog box sometimes!

There are many ways to gel your presence online. And many of those options don’t include anything on your blog. Here is a list of several options you can add to your marketing game plan to improve your search engine results.

  1. Write articles that will represent your business and send people back to your site on Article Marketing Sites, such as
  2. Guest post your content on other Blogger sites with relevant information to your niche. There will be many bloggers who would appreciate the additional information on their blogs – just ask.
  3. Write articles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Klout. Be sure to link those articles to your website and include graphics that link back as well.
  4. Design info graphics with your keywords and content on them.
  5. Increase visibility with and videos. These can include talking points, or power points of your articles.
  6. Write articles for other people to include in their newsletters an ezines. Invite other like-minded business owners to share your content in their ezine, with a link to your site.
  7. Connect all of these dots with some quality social media marketing efforts, by linking to your blog from active social media accounts.

Content on your blog will make a difference in your business. What can you do to increase the content if you hate to write? Hire someone to write your content.

Let’s do coffee and put together a content marketing plan for your business.

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