Happy Profitable Entrepreneurs Know This Secret

When I awakened this morning, I realized that happy profitable entrepreneurs know this secret, and there’s absolutely no reason in the world, it can’t be shared. So, here it is.

happy profitable entrepreneursIn a nut shell, we make the decision to be happy and profitable.

Now, that’s the simplified explanation, but it’s the real deal. The decisions we make, and how we respond to the events of our lives, impact our happiness and our profits.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty much over the struggle to just get through the day making a few dollars. This past year finished out strong, profitable, and I found myself joyful, even exuberant, meeting the next day, with the realization that it’s just getting better and better. I want to share that! I want others to feel that happiness and prosperity too. More than anything else… I want you to know that you CAN achieve your dreams by just making the decision to do so, and then carrying out your own expectations. Yes! It is that easy.

Happy Profitable Entrepreneurs Make Good Choices.

Did you ever meet someone who was so tuned into what they were doing… Shall we say FOCUSED, that no matter what you offered them, they just said, “No thanks.” and kept on working their plan?

I’m a coffee fanatic. I will drive half way across the country for a great cup of coffee, when I have time to ‘go out for coffee’. And I’ve been known to buy two in one day. But at home, I still make my coffee in a ‘drip coffee maker’ using regular flat bottom filters, and one of my favorite coffee blends. All day long, as I need to replenish my coffee, I grab the glass pot and refill my cup. I know, when I turn on the coffee maker in the morning, that if I put the right roast in the filter, and clear water in the pot, I’m going to have a great cup of coffee in the pot. Do you know why?

I can rely on my coffee maker to drip water into the filter over the coffee, down into that pot, just like it’s supposed to do – every single time I make coffee.

So, what does making coffee have to do with being a successful, happy profitable entrepreneur?

Focus. That coffee pot has one job. I take time to put in the filter, fill it with a quality coffee blend, good water, and turn it on. The coffee pot makes me a great pot of coffee.That’s focus.

Start Generating Your Business Plan Now.

Just like making great coffee, you need a great plan for your business. The simpler the better. Here’s the basic plan I follow – and how it works.

  1. Set up a product funnel – without a product (we’ll call this the ‘filter’) you don’t have the basis for your ultimate profit. You MUST sell something to make a profit.
  2. Add content, quality, flavor, VALUE – without value (this is the COFFEE) you just have hot water, nothing to see here. No value. No reason to purchase anything. Exceed their expectations with GREAT VALUE.
  3. Send in the traffic, generate flow – this is the functional part of your business (this is the water) because without traffic, buyers, and people spending money, it doesn’t matter what flavor it is, you’re not going to have any profit.
  4. Vehicle is important here – this is the coffee maker part of your business plan. I chose a basic, Mr. Coffee variety, because I prefer the simple, one dimensional business program that doesn’t take a lot of extra steps or directions. I don’t want a license, or regulations, I just wanted to run my business and help others to make their business functional. (You can choose whatever business form you want, just know that the guidelines for being happy profitable entrepreneurs are the same.)
  5. Get in the game – know what your job is (if you’re the one setting up the coffee pot, you have to get really good at setting up the coffee pot, putting in the coffee and water, and know how to turn it on).

Once you do the work, set it up, and get the process started, it’s pretty easy to keep up with the demand. Ultimately, you need to make choices about how many pots you’re going to make each day. What do your numbers look like?

Design Success Into Your Program

Of course, you’re going to want coffee (profit) every day. You’ll want the profit to happen whether you’re there or not, because sometimes you’ll want to take a vacation, or go to someone’s wedding, or raise your children. So part of your program has to work automatically.

Add automation as a feature setting.

sales promotion strategyBuilding a list of people who return frequently, buy often, and become part of your overall list of dynamic automation helps you determine your overall repeat success. You want to capture as many people in your ‘list’ as possible, and encourage everyone to join your list, because the more people in your list, the more profitable your business – EVEN if not everyone buys from you.

Create a purchasing funnel for buyers.

Offer a selection of products to your buyers, from low priced value driven products that allow independent purchases, to coaching packages with direct contact. More often than not, most clients will prefer the automated, self-driven products they can choose, buy, and apply when THEY are ready. Provide these as optimal purchase options. They will be your best sellers.

But don’t neglect your customers who really prefer to deal with a live person on the other end of the phone. Make sure you have plenty of one on one, or group training options, for those who prefer them.

Offer Upsales at lower Price Options.

If you have a great buy at a higher price, and you’re selling them another product, be sure you offer the upsale at a discounted price when they purchase more than one item. It really is just good business.

Happy Profitable Entrepreneurs Know This Secret

Design your business plan with specific steps and do those steps over and over again, until you start getting the desired results.

  • Set up your business.
  • Drive traffic.
  • Build your list.
  • Market your products.
  • Sell products to your list.
  • Send product to buyer.
  • Drive more traffic.

There are many ways to do these steps. Your end result is to SELL product. So until you get to that spot, don’t stop. And once you get there, KEEP GOING.

If you’re ready to kick off your program, and do what you need to do, but don’t yet have a plan. I can help you design your plan.

Let’s start with a quick and easy DISCOUNTED coaching session. Let’s do coffee. coffee coach

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