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 “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

― Socrates

When you decide to make a drastic change in your life, something really bad happens to make you rethink your decision?

Generally, the part you have to rethink is the specific thing you were working hard to change…

Health is a huge issue for many people and I’m one of those people who gets caught up in the ‘attempts to change’ and being blocked from changing by some ‘unknown issue’ that shows up the minute I make the decision.

Two days ago, I started a new exercise program, nothing weird or outside my ability. I set out to walk the circle, which is only about 300 yards. The objective is to walk it once around for a week, and increase to add more distance as I grow more confident in my ability to walk. I walked the circle the first day – no problem. Absolutely none. Nothing bad happened, no dizziness, no crazy balance issues, and that has been a problem for a while now. So, I was stoked. I can do this!

walkingSo, day two, I wake up and can’t move. I can’t move off the bed, let alone walk. I finally manage to get up and stand on my own, without holding onto anything and realize the problem is in my lower back, most likely a kidney stone. I do what has to be done relax, water, vinegar, water, water, water. Eat right, and keep my feet up for a while, then I decide sometime in the afternoon that I can probably do my walk.I go the up side first, because I know if I get to the bottom and I’m having trouble, I can’t do it. I can’t walk up the hill. So I go up the hill, thinking it’s all downhill from halfway around. And there I go, off to the distance. I get to the back of the hill, starting down, and realize I walked the wrong way at the corner. (Bad habit?) And I’ve already walked my 300 yards, and there’s 300 more to go… And I’m in pain. There’s no place to sit, no place to take a break, so I have to keep walking.

Then I see it, four doors down, a bench in the trees near the sidewalk, and I aim for it. I’m set on the bench. Determination will get me there, and hey, I’m ahead of the game. I’m doing the second week, on the second day, and with a kidney stone. I’m good. I’ve got this.

At the bench I sit down for a minute or two, and breathe. I just sit there breathing, and realize there’s a small child watching me. I say, “Hi!”

She says, “That’s my Grandma’s bench.”

I say, “It’s a nice bench. I’m just borrowing it for a few minutes, is that okay?”

She says, “You didn’t ask first.”

“No, I should have asked. I’m sorry. Is it okay if I sit here for a bit?” I was feeling guilty, and ashamed for not thinking to ask first.

“It’s okay. I don’t think my Grandma minds people sitting on her bench.” She answered.

“It’s nice of her to have a bench here,” I smiled at her.

She disappeared back behind the bushes, and I contemplated moving on. But I still wanted to sit. I wanted to feel better. I wanted to walk home and go back to bed.

I worked through the process of walking the rest of the way home, mostly flat and was about ready to get up and start walking again when my friend came back, and brought her Grandma. Grandma had a tray with a tea pot, tea cups, and tea biscuits on the tray.

“Chelsea said I had a friend out here and we should have tea,” Grandma winked at me. “I thought it was a good idea. Do you drink tea?”

“I do. I would love a cup of tea. Thank you Chelsea.” I nodded at the little girl who so sweetly had thought of such a grand idea. “And thank you.”

Grandma nodded and sat down on the second bench. The tea tray rested nicely on the stump between the benches, and she poured tea, and offered a biscuit.

We talked, exchanged names, and found it interesting that in this small neighborhood, we were both Jan, and both 56 with 7 grandchildren. Coincidence? Probably not. We talked about my new walking adventure, and her need to start doing the same thing and realized we only live five houses apart. Walking together is an option. And we both like mornings.

So, 6:30 this morning, I escaped the confines of my room, eased out the door in my walkers, and walked five doors down to join my new walking partner for our early morning stroll. We did the 600 yard walk again today.

Yay. I’m ahead of my game.

And the kidney stone is in a less painful place, and I’m hitting the water bottle pretty hard today. Hopefully it will pass and I’ll be less in need of a bench over the next few days.

3 days in, going strong, and I have a new friend. I’m enjoying this adventure. 100 Day Challenge – works day 3.

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