Holding Back – Identify Your Roadblocks

When I started working on my own business, I didn’t realize that I might be holding back, becoming my own biggest roadblock. I believed that if I wanted something, and decided to apply myself to achieve my dream, I could do that. Through faith, you can do anything, right? I believed that.

Holding Back Pattern –

birdWe all do it, we get into a rut and we start questioning our ability to achieve the dream, so we hold back. We block our own paths to success. We form a pattern of holding back.

Sometimes it’s for safety, such as in the picture to the left. The person holding the tiny bird is providing a safe haven… And yet, from such a haven, flight is prevented.

It’s kind of like driving up a hill, but you’re so afraid of the clutching action that you must do to shift gears moving you backwards down the hill that you hold your foot on the brake and never actually let up enough to hit the gas and GO. You’re holding back. You’ve got to take your foot off the brake.

Ask the Wrong Questions –

How do you communicate with yourself? A few days back, I identified that my tone of voice sounded angry when I was speaking to a client, even when I wasn’t angry. Do you use that tone on yourself? When you get frustrated with what isn’t happening for your business, who do you blame? Do you question whether or not you’re the right person? Do you ask if you’ll EVER be able to succeed? Do you wonder if you’re on the wrong path?

The right question might be, “What’s the first step?” Or, “What can I do today to bring in income tomorrow?” Or, “How can I present this better?”

Expect Too Much –

Back when I worked for the other guy… I was so intent on ‘getting it all done’ that I’d skip breaks. I would work through the clock. On many occasions, I actually WORKED all night, rushing home early in the morning to shower and get back to work. I believed I had to get it all done at once. And then my boss walked in early one morning…

expect too much“Have you been here all night?”

“I wasn’t done, and you said you wanted it today?”

“I just needed to make sure we had a rough draft, so we could review it and make sure we were on the right path,” she explained.

The printed copy was perfect. Ready for her signature. And done… But it was way more than she expected that morning.

I learned then that I have to work at a pace that allows for some downtime too. I can’t expect everyone to work at that break neck speed, and it isn’t good for me to work like that either. I no longer work like that. I take breaks.

Take No Action –

Procrastination is not your friend. You need a plan and you MUST stick to it. You have to do what you plan. Take action. Follow through is important, too. But you’ve got to put yourself in motion and take the first step.

If you procrastinate, figure out why. You need to know why, so you can stop doing it. ACTION. Without action, you’re going nowhere. Take action.

Fear of Success –

The one thing that holds more people back from their success than any other single thing, is fear of success. When you fear success, you sabotage your own choices, actions, and endeavors, by making a lot of wrong decisions.

Overcoming your fears, means you first must acknowledge them. Once you recognize your fear of success, you can then shift your decisions to be successful by making choices that would move you through the sabotaged actions. Acknowledging the fear, and realizing that failure isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you…

Failure is really just a lesson in how not to do it right.

The positive side of this kind of fear, is the basic understanding that once you recognize it, you can fix it… Yeah, you really can fix it.

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