How to Blog for Profit

I have several bloggers who struggle with this blog for profit concept, because they think every blog post has to SELL something. Never the case. The simple answer is post your marketable products and services on your site, and then blog what people like to read.

But there’s always more…

Infuse your content with personality.

Blog for profit doesn’t mean you’re always selling something. Most of the time the only thing on the sales table will be YOU. You’re presenting yourself as someone the readers of your blog might like to hang out with. When you infuse your content with your own personality, your readers get to know you. They become familiar with who you are. The readers grow to like you. They learn to trust you. They learn to love you and want to share you with others. The best part is, they tell their family and friends about you. They SHARE who you are.

The significance of selling yourself is that they consider you a friend and they like you, so they will buy from you.


What’s that you’re selling? Put it on your site. They will look for it. Put it on the side bar, on the pages, in your blog posts, talk about it. But don’t spend every single blog post selling it!

Be honest in subject lines.

Don’t try to hide what you’re telling people. Be honest. Tell them what you want them to do. I really do want you to read what I’m writing, so I share information that you ask me about. I write what people tell me they want to know. Information really is my niche, and people ask questions I have answers to. So my objective is to offer solutions and answers to your questions.

Which reminds me… If you have a question, you can either email me, call me, or post a comment and ask your question below. In most cases, I’ll answer your question however it’s asked.

Define your message.

There’s good reason to use a short descriptive message to entice readers to click on your subject line and view what you’ve written to them. Not only does it define your message, but it can give them an understanding of why they should click. Define your message, using keywords, and concepts your readers want to read about.

Delete superfluous words.

When your content is filled up with buzz words that really mean nothing to your reader, they scan over it and ignore the content. They don’t read it. In fact, I’ll bet you almost passed over the sub-header above this content, because the word superfluous isn’t common or concise? Am I right? Well, let’s point something important out right here.

When you’re wordy, people tire of listening to you.

Don’t ask me how I know that… I’m admitting nothing.

Action compels action. Use action.

When you insert action words into your copy, people follow the directives you place there, because they respond to action. The benefit of action verbs promotes action. A compelling action verb always improves the story, and increases response.

Focus on action to improve your conversion rates, sales, and profit.

blog for profit

Especially when your actions are descriptive and based on stories your reader can enjoy and remember, the functional result of your words brings more interest.

Blog for Profit

One blogger writes almost completely about his adventures in foreign lands, and rarely mentions his books and services on his blog posts, yet, his business is booming. Why? People love to read what he writes, and when they’re seeking ways to improve their own lifestyle, they look to him for actionable advice. He gives advice in his books and services.

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