How to Make Money with Your Published Book.

You haven’t arrived yet, if you just published the book. There’s more…

It isn’t just about publishing your book, there’s so much more than the old ‘traditional’ publishing program, where you wrote the book, handed it off to an editor and a publisher, and you’d achieved your goal.

I have an idea.Now, the real success comes from what you do AFTER you publish your book.

To make your book a multi-million dollar seller, you have to have a plan.

A strategy, really…

As a published author, your book will be your business for the next year, starting – yesterday.

The key to self-publishing is having a plan, a strategy, by which you market your book.

There are several options:

Pre-publication marketing – Be unstoppable.

Marketing your book with the intent to use it for marketing your business, your speaking career, and your expertise is an amazing way to grow a team of marketers. You fill the pages with content, include some powerful marketing messages from associates, and apply the marketing principles of pre-publication marketing to your presentation. You’ve got a green, GO CARD, making you money before you ever run the printer.

Platform marketing –

You most likely already have a platform, a marketing position, and expertise from which you’re presenting your publication. Why not use that platform to market your book, before you publish, and have an amazing list of pre-sold books by the date of publication? You’ll be happy to receive the golden results of this publication effort, because you’ll know before your book hits the press that it’s a golden, glowing success of a best seller!

97 program

Presentation marketing –

Reveals a whole new standard of marketing as you present your book for sale when you travel to book signings, events, and readings where your book is the star of the show, and you are the presenter. Before you publish, when you know the date your book is rolling off the press, you order in your 3 or 4 thousand copies and start appearing at pre-scheduled events where your book sells like the hottest thing on the market, the star of the show, because you and your ‘location’ present it to a well-planned, targeted, buying audience.

Every author should have a well-planned marketing strategy waiting when they start writing their book, whether they’re writing fiction, non-fiction, or self-improvement kinds of books. The big ideas may appear to be all taken, but when you realize they only appear that way because someone sold them as the only option, the BIG Secret, or the ONE – and got away with it – you begin to understand that you could have the ONE, too.

So, here’s the secret….

  • If you already have a book written, but it isn’t selling a copy.
  • If you are determine to explode your expertise with a best seller.
  • If you’re done lagging, and determined to be part of the 1%
  • If you’re writing only to market yourself.
  • If you’re stuck and don’t have a clue what to do next…

You need to visit with our book marketing consultant. Jan Verhoeff understands your dilemma, and will be happy to help you market your book.

In fact, she’d be ecstatic to help you.

Jan Verhoeff

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