How to Show Up in Yahoo News

The question has been asked, and I deleted the comment, because it wasn’t applicable to the thread where it was asked…

How do I get my blog to show up in Yahoo News?

Showing up in Yahoo News has never been one of my huge dreams, but I suppose for some, it’s an accomplishment worthy of the effort to be on the front page when someone opens their Yahoo Browser. So, since I was asked the question, I’ll give a few responses and ideas as to how you can get a blog post on Yahoo News.

#1 – Be newsworthy

newsIf your story has already been released in 42 newspapers, 122 blog posts, and nobody -including you – has put a new spin on the story, you’re probably not going to be ‘in the Yahoo News’ for that story. But if you put a different spin on it, add a commentary that brings a fresh outlook, or incorporate a viable and newsworthy twist to the story, the chances are much better that you’ll be on the front page of the Yahoo News. Be newsworthy!

#2 – Innovation works

When your story captures the interest of someone outside the typical tread, you’ll be showing in places where others might find you, and your story just might be seen on the top of the Yahoo News. You might even get your picture on the cover, if you’re innovative enough to make the top story about yourself. I’ve heard having your picture on the cover of the Yahoo News can make you quite recognizable to the world.

#3 – Infamously famous

websiteIf you’re bad enough, you might get recognized for the Yahoo News. Assassins, purported killers, and those who attempt to murder semi-famous folks, tend to show up on the front of the Yahoo News. I don’t recommend you go fire bullets at famous folks to make the cover, because that generally means you’re covered in dirt, or bars, for a good many years for your effort, but it is one way to become recognized. Remember, I didn’t recommend this method.

#4 – Famously recognized

If you’re good enough to be recognized as famous, you might be plastered all over any news in the country. I remember when Buck Owens actually wrote a song about getting his picture on the cover of the Music City News, a small but well read newspaper published in Nashville, shipped around the world to music fan subscribers. He was thrilled to be well enough known to be on the cover. I understand the concept, and as a famous internet marketing guru, I would be absolutely astounded to see my picture on Yahoo News, if I were a famous internet marketing guru… If only…

#5 – Brand identification

niche marketSignificant brand identification is always a concern when you’re posting content that might be shared on Yahoo News, because you want people to recognize, remember, and revisit your website after they are done with the initial message that brought them to you in the first place. Be specific. Give your niche insight as to why they would want to know more of what you offer by identifying your brand in the article that you desire to be picked up by Yahoo News.


#6 – Spectacular experience

Is it fun to read? Is it interesting? Is it packed with vital information your readers need? If your newsworthy article isn’t interesting enough to keep your reader mesmerized and excited while reading it, why would they come back? Make sure your content offers a spectacular experience in reading so they’ll want to read more of what you write.

#7 – Real transparency

Cite your information, reference your article, and offer up quotes from real people inside your content, so the reader gets a good grasp of the value of your information. One of the fastest ways to capture an audience is to quote a celebrity.

“Many people don’t have the ability to be rich, because they’re too lazy or they don’t have the desire or the stick-to-itiveness. It’s a talent. Some people have a talent for piano. Some people have a talent for raising a family. Some people have a talent for golf. I just happen to have a talent for making money.” – Donald Trump

When you quote a celebrity, you capture name recognition, identifiable content, and searchable information to your article, plus the added value of transparency, because the celebrity you quoted is already visible to the world. You suddenly become visible as well. If you’r content has value and touches real people, offering valid solutions and answers for real problems, you gain recognition as a solution.

Whether you’re marketing your website for news items or just a blogger sharing your world, the benefits of being picked up by a news machine like Yahoo News can be exposure, marketing results, or strategic blogging access, any of which can bring direct profit to your online business. Getting the attention of any search engine is always significant, but capturing an audience such as the Yahoo News Readers and bringing them to your website can be HUGE!


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