I like peanut butter sandwiches.

It’s Monday. Along with my coffee, I’m having a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast.

I don’t remember when I started having peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast on Monday, while I wrote my ‘Monday Blogs’ but it has become habit that I enjoy.

Monday Planning SessionI’m a peanut butter and honey girl. Not a lot of honey, just a touch, enough to sweeten the peanut butter, without running off my toast. Yes, I toast my bread. I want a little crunch, but not too much. And I usually make my own. Having someone else make my peanut butter sandwich just seems lame. Who can’t spread bread?

And I like my coffee…

So why am I divulging all this information about my Monday morning routine?

Because that’s what Monday is all about, routine.

We all have one, if we work from home, we have one, if we go to work we have one… It isn’t the same routine as everyone else, but we all have one.

It’s usually…

Oh, crap, I forgot to dry those clothes. My bra is in the dryer. I don’t want to wear any bra other than THAT one. I want THAT bra. It’s Monday. Something has to be RIGHT. And what do you mean those black slacks aren’t in the dry-cleaner bag? I don’t want to wear the other black slacks. I want THOSE. You burned the toast AGAIN? What’s that all about, you should have checked the toaster, you know we don’t do bagels on Monday, always toast. You should have checked it. Are the kids ready yet? Hurry up. I’m going to be late. Hurry. I knew I should have set the alarm earlier. Dang! I’m so late. Oh, God, help me. This morning can’t get worse? A wreck? Really, now the traffic is backing up. Lord, why me? Can’t you just fix this?

But what if….

Oh, yay. I’m glad the dryer didn’t get turned on last night. I prefer to air dry my bras. Whew!! I’ll wear the other one today.coffee inspires

Bet the dry cleaner is fixing that ripped hem in my slacks… Yep, it’ll be ready Tuesday. Glad he caught that, I forgot to tell him.

Burned toast, ooops, better reset the toaster. Thanks, Honey. I appreciate when you fix my breakfast on Monday, I’m always running late.

Come on, kids, let’s go. We don’t want to be late. Got your bags? Got your homework? Take a second and tie your shoes! Safety first. You look great today!

Thanks for setting the alarm thirty minutes early! I’m so blessed to have you.

Thank you, God, for this amazing rainy day. Bless our travel, protect those on the road.

Lord, be with those in the accident, bless them, have mercy on them, and protect the first responders. Thank you for your protection!

Looks like a traffic jam, let’s sing some praise and worship?

“This is the day, this is the day…”

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