I love my ADHD clients.

I have many of them…

Yeah, I know, some of you are reading this message, and you’re either grinning – or you’re wondering what you’ve done now… SQUIRREL.

Okay, now that you’re off chasing nuts, I’m going to talk to those who are paying attention to me. squirrelADHD clients are those ones who send me a list of questions, or maybe just one, and by the time I can answer it, they’re gone off on some other rabbit trail, chasing down their next wild hare. And they have no confidence.

How’s that for a directional pull?

Every which way but north, these guys can’t focus on a single thing for more than a minute, and my job is to make them profitable – they think.

No, my job is to design your website and keep you focused on marketing your products so you can be profitable.

So, let’s focus for a moment on the website end of things you have on your plate:

  1. Topic of interest. You don’t have to write the same words every time you write, but it would be nice if your articles and blog posts have something to do with the topic of your blog. If you’re writing about music and bands for an event, then stay within that realm. Either talk about the events that require music and bands, and how to plan or stage ‘show time’ or something contingent on that topic, or find a way to connect the dots. If you’re writing about insurance and the end of life planning, retirement maybe connected, but your wedding trip to the Poconos most likely isn’t part of the program. Although, if you can connect those dots, I’m all for it. And I’d love to hear about the Poconos.
  2. Writing a blog post. Blog postThe biggest fail I’ve ever seen with a blog is never updating it. If you’re updating it once a month, once every two weeks, or several times a week, I don’t think there’s a huge difference, but you NEED to update your blog. People who do come to your website more than once need to see something different, and an updated blog post is relevant to ‘new and different’. Do that.
  3. You can over do it. Those changes you keep making to your front page are confusing. If they’re not planned and well thought out, you’re just confusing the folks who like some consistency to their viewing pleasure. STOP! Not everyone is going to overthink your business, your life, and your process of thinking like you do. Thank God! And STOP overthinking it yourself. Write your blog, write your front page, stick in the keywords, and go market your stuff. The smartest thing you can do is spend all that CHANGE time, marketing your business.
  4. TWITTER. Yes, if you’re ADHD and don’t twitter. Start. It’s one way for you to post oddly timed, irrelevant messages, ridiculously dissimilar concepts, and off the wall hashtags with value. Tweeters will retweet and grab a whole different audience for you – add a link and a relevant hashtag so they can find you.
  5. Follow through. When you send me questions, you need to occasionally review what you asked, because as we talk later (if you pm’d me I probably didn’t respond immediately, since you’re not my only client) I’ll be answering those questions. The confusion I get in response to my answers, may not be something I can explain away – if you’ve forgotten what you asked me. I generally answer discussion first, and then the questions as I review the conversation, so if it doesn’t make sense to you… Let’s figure out where our communication got lost.

I love you guys, all of you. I really do. So let’s figure this communication thing out and make your business successful.



I love my ADHD clients. — 2 Comments

  1. Whenever I am in a bad mood or just a bit stressed light
    exercise always improves my mood (although it does this
    even if i’m in a good mood). I personally love yoga, but walking is great too.

    Especially since I can take my daughter along. I love reading, it tends to get me out
    of my head when I am stressed out.

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