I was invincible when I was five.

There’s that moment when you look at your life and you think, man I wish I had the confidence I had when I was five.

I did that yesterday, and then again today…

Trouble is, I really don’t lack confidence, but it’s different now than it was when I was five.

Today, it’s managed. When I was five, it was just amazing…

My teacher loved me. My parents loved me. A little curly haired boy with blue eyes loved me. I was fabulous. I was invincible.

When that little boy kissed me behind the blackboard, I thought I was in heaven. And I probably was pretty darned close!

What made me think of when I was five?

Well, the day kind of started off with a boom. I spent Saturday night celebrating a friend’s 50th Birthday, wishing I could be 50 again. Wishing I’d celebrated that day a bit different – yeah there’s a story there, but I’m not telling it today – and wishing there was someone, a special someone, in my life to ‘save the day’ and make me feel special, and love me.


That’s the thing. I woke up to a house full of grandkids, my daughters and their husbands, and my youngest son, and within a few hours – his fiance who came over to spend the day. And I felt…

I’m not sure how I felt, other than… I just wanted someone to appreciate the day with me.

My kids don’t leave me out. They include me. They involve me. And they’re a huge part of my life, but they have “others” and I have… them.

couple walkingThat’s when I got caught up in that moment and started thinking about having someone else, and the curly haired, blue eyed boy… Yeah, he has a name, but I’m not going to embarrass him, this long after the fact, if he’s forgotten about kissing me behind the blackboard. He married a lovely girl, she’s a sweet wife, and they are quite happy. And it isn’t him I’m longing for. It’s the married, the other guy, the someone on the other pillow that I dream of when I close my eyes at night.

Obviously, I’ve had relationships. I know what that feels like. I know that love comes when you’re not looking. I’m not really looking for love, just sharing the thought that I’m available. And a reminder that I’m ready for love when it comes my way.


I’m thinking about being five again, being invincible. Being unstoppable. Because… Fun



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  1. Love this! I think we all need reminders of how life goes, can go, will go, might go and then ah haaa, reality…. We all wake up to a new (if we’re lucky) and we all make choices… all day long. God Bless You Jan. Let it go, give it to the Man upstairs and you’ll find your man down here one day… XO

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