If I Could Live this Life Over…

Erma Bombeck wrote an essay, after she was diagnosed with cancer, detailing what she would have changed, if she could live her life over.

I don’t have cancer. I’m not dying any time soon. But the concept isn’t wasted on me. Life has taken a few twists and turns the past couple of years, and I’ve considered the options.

If I could live this life over…

I’d do most things pretty much the same, but here is a list of things I’d change:

  • I’d spend more time reading out loud to my children.
  • I’d cuddle them longer, hold them tighter.
  • I’d play more games and spend less time working.
  • I’d stop more often at the park, and worry less about what didn’t get done.
  • I’d share the sandwich, take longer naps, and snuggle my babies when they slept.
  • I’d hold on longer when I pushed you in the swing.
  • I’d swing you more often.
  • I’d laugh louder.
  • I’d find more ways to enjoy the day.
  • I’d stop before I was too tired to finish the job that night, and take time to do it right the next day.
  • I’d spend more time with my mother, ask her more questions, and take better notes.
  • I’d take Grandma to the country with all three of her best friends, instead of just the two who were left.
  • I’d help more, and complain less.
  • I’d charge for my expertise instead of giving so much away, because my family deserve the “better life” too.
  • I’d be more of who I am, and worry less about what other’s thought.
  • I’d take the drive, walk to the end of the sunset, and I’d pretend I could really see the stars forming a heart the night of the rain storm.
  • I’d go more often.
  • I’d be more often present.
  • I’d do more… Because that’s who I am.
  • I’d be more… Because I’m called to be.
  • And… I’d still strive to make a difference every single day.

If I could live this life over…

But, looking back. I think I’ve done pretty well. I’m happy, content if not elated with the outcome, and I feel good about where I am.

How about you?

What would you have done differently?

What will you do differently from this day forward?

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