IF you love Jesus Share this Post.

I asked someone what they wanted to know about making money online, and I got this answer:

I want to know how to share posts on facebook and get likes, shares, and make some cash from just sharing stuff with my friends.

When I get done laughing, I’ll explain why, but meanwhile… I’m just gonna sit here, sip my coffee and laugh on it until I choke.

To make money anywhere, you have to SELL SOMETHING.

Yup, that’s the reality of making money online, and if you just want to share something online and it become profitable, it needs to direct traffic somewhere – where there’s a product – that the seller will pay for clicks to their site.

Sometimes you see interesting graphics, we generally call those memes.

Baby Meme

Everybody loves a baby! So they’d love to share this one, so cute, so adorable, and so sweet… So, when you post it like it’s important, write something that tells people to like and share on it, they do. Meanwhile, if you’ve posted the graphic with a link to your website, a lot of people will actually visit your website. That’s a good option for starters, because you can generate an article surrounding the meme and capture a reader, for about 3 seconds, until the reader realizes they’ve been pulled into a marketing site, and they leave.

But what would happen, if you used a similar meme, with a message that draws in the readers, instead of the Jesus message above – which quite honestly makes a lot of people feel frustrated because that isn’t the way to JESUS on any plane relevant to Heaven – maybe the post should have something to do with your business?

Just an idea… But maybe if you relate your business to the meme, and the meme to your business, then link to your website, you just might have something of value that your reader could click on there, so you get more than a 3 second visit. Kinda like riding the bull for less than 8 seconds, you get nothing, but a bumpy ride, and hard spot to land, and the possibility and likelihood of being kicked around by a mad bull!

What’s your concept?

Keep them on your pageBecause if your conceptual idea of marketing isn’t simple, memorable, inviting to look at, and fun to read, they’re gone.

Before you can say Leo Burnett, they’ll be hitting the exit and out the door to play a video game, read someone else’s blog, or find a recipe for dinner. That’s a reality you can bank on.

If you want to sell them something, and put their money in your pocket, you’d better be more fun than the latest obnoxious player on Skylanders. Now you know. Don’t say I didn’t tell you, and make absolutely certain you do have something on your site they can buy before they go. You’ll want to make it fairly easy, something they’ll really be interested in buying and something you can sell them without getting all up in their face.

Nobody likes a salesman up in their face.

It’s kind of a bad reminder of their last less than 8 second bull ride. They just don’t like it.

coffee time

Let’s put your business online, and make you number ONE in your industry.

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