Imitation Is A Sincere Compliment

Did you ever think of it?

When we’re little, we often imitate our mothers. For the shortest period of time, I could wear my mother’s clothing, and I loved getting into her closet to find the amazingly lovely blouses she treasured and wore only for special occasions, to school. I was in grade school still when I was that size. So, of course, they were stained, worn, and sometimes ruined by the time she knew I’d ‘borrowed’ her clothing. I know it broke her heart that I’d ruined her favorite pieces, and by the time she realized I truly admired the woman she was, I was far too big to borrow her clothes.

This morning, I watched as my grandson stuck first one, then the other foot, in his Daddy’s boots. The words of the song came rushing in as I quickly turned to hide the tears that rushed to the surface.

They call my daddy big boots.
Big boots is his name.
They call my daddy big boots…

Today is my Daddy’s birthday.

James C. MulaneyHe’s 81 today, three years past suffering a brain bleed that left him unable to function on his own. And when I visited him over Father’s day, he looked and acted more like ‘my daddy’ than he had in a while.

My oldest son often reminds me of my father, all the way down to watching him play with his daughter. Addie And nothing in the world comes between a daddy and his daughter, that kind of love only comes once.

The treasure of this monumental revelation comes with the identity of the cause. Sean treasured the moments he spent growing up with his grandfather close by, and still to this day acknowledges that Grandpa was a huge influence on his life. When Sean realized that Grandpa might be able to attend his graduation from Basic Training in South Carolina, I recognized the appreciation from both of them. Dad, because he got to watch his Grandson do something that none of his kids, and no other grandson had done, and even more importantly – that Sean graduated on the same exact date, 63 years after Dad graduated.

What an honor! 

Dad served in Korea, and Sean admired his service. In Sean’s eyes, there was never much that Grandpa couldn’t do. And Sean aspired for years to be just like Grandpa.

GraduateHow much more admiration can you have for one than to follow in their footsteps? helping Grandpa

In life, we often look around and find a hero, a mentor, a person who is accomplishing what we’d like to accomplish to imitate. We seek out those we admire, appreciate, and accept as our ‘leader’ to follow.

In business, finding that mentor to follow, or lead you to your success can be daunting. Maybe not everyone goes exactly along the trail you’d like to follow, or perhaps, they’ve fallen down in one area of life, while their professionalism has carried them to places you’d like to go. Such is true of any hero.

Unless you choose to follow only Jesus who found success in every area of his life, and even then – accused wrongly, he was punished by the cross – his very success, would be considered failure by worldly standards.

No man is perfect, and only YOU can decide what steps you will follow. 

By choosing the steps most likely to lead to the success you want to find, you can move toward your goals successfully. And the best option I’ve found, is to have more than one mentor, and recognize that total success isn’t always a total package. Sometimes you must select the right steps for you, from different mentors.

GrandpaWhen life doesn’t serve up perfection, and the velveteen seems worn around the edges, perhaps frayed at the seams, and even in places worn through and the stuffing falling out, we find ourselves seeking out the important factors that bring love and acceptance into the picture. What’s best? What works? What can we take to the future, knowing that it is the best we can give?

Those things we hold dear and true, keep them close and never let go. Life isn’t made up of perfect pieces, always sunny days, or even unbroken parts. Life is messy. Life is a series of decisions we make to carry us to the next day, and the next, and hopefully to the goal – with a full heart, and faith in a Savior that will carry us over the rough spots, through the fire, until He comes.

Today, I’m grateful for the kind of love in my life that allows for imitation, choices, and faith.

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