Increase Profit Through 5 Top Marketing Strategies

What are the top five things you do increase profit for your online business?

Before you get caught up in the working ways of a crisis filled Monday, let’s explore your top five marketing strategies and how you get them done every day. Often the key to success in your business will be revealed by your top five marketing strategies, and how well those strategies work to improve your profit margins. If don’t increase profit through your marketing strategies, how do you expect to have enough money to make it through the lean periods of business?

Increase Profit – Monday Marketing Methods

On those Mondays when I’m “caught on social media” before I can escape to do my own marketing, I find more people in crisis mode, unwilling to spend the money necessary to Social Media Networkhire a professional, and totally unwilling to listen to a professional about how to fix their problems than ANY OTHER SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK. In fact, that very thing is the reason why I stopped taking calls, and participating in social media on Mondays several years back. Instead of participating in those time consuming, money sucking conversations on Crisis Monday, I’ve learned my time on Monday is better spent doing my own marketing methods and promoting my business, and client businesses, with strategic posting set up to automate through the week.

Today, I’ll discuss methods of marketing your business on Mondays to increase profit all week long. You’ve probably heard some of these, and I know I’ve got information posted so I’ll be including some of those links here. Let’s talk!

Schedule Monday Coffee Chats

coffee and workOne of my favorite things to do is schedule Monday Coffee Chats. Usually throughout the week, I have clients who wish to discuss specific topics, or just want some advice about a given topic, and they’ll send me a “coffee” in return for thirty minutes of my time. An average cup of coffee at a local brew-house is $5, and it’s rather common to spend 5 – 10 minutes grabbing a cup, so most of my clients toss in a $20 and we chat for twenty minutes or so about their issue on Monday morning. I schedule 2 per hour between 8 and 12, from coffee buyers throughout the previous week.

While I don’t have an agenda for coffee chats, my customers usually do. Here are a few popular topics:increase profit

Of course, there are many others, some not even related to web development or business, because I teach writers to be published, and some how to write, and many other topics. Consequently, the best way to get a bite of my time is to buy me coffee – remember it’s about a dollar a minute – click the coffee link.

What Does Marketing Do For Me?

Marketing strategies should have a multi-faceted purpose for your business, accomplishing a variety of goals that ultimately build your profit complex. The more ways you have to make a profit, the better your business will be, and the more successful you’ll be in business. I often tell people if you don’t have at least five income streams, you don’t have a legitimate business.

Essential Marketing Package

But what does marketing do for your business?

  • Generate Leads – whether this is part of getting  signups for your ezine or newsletter, or actual telephone connects, the choices are yours, but you should be getting qualified leads from all of your marketing efforts.
  • Build Authority – marketing efforts should add to your authority by increasing viable proof that you can create solutions and offer those solutions to your reader, either written or verbal, this authority should be highly visible to your buyers.
  • Prove Credibility – in most instances, your buying customers don’t have access to a resume, nor should they, so your proof of credibility needs to come from your success at providing answers and solutions for your clients.
  • Open Door for Clients – your marketing effort should always be an operational, open door for clients to purchase what you sell.
  • Generate Power-Driven Content – Any content you write for your website, for marketing, or for driving traffic to your website should be repurpose-able for other uses. You don’t always need to write NEW content. Sometimes you just need to review what’s there and repurpose it for another use.

A huge key to marketing is being able to answer the question, “Does this benefit anyone?” If the answer is no, you’re not marketing – don’t know what you’re doing, but it isn’t marketing – and you’re wasting time.

Expert Status Increases Profit

When you prove yourself to be an expert, the result is automatic confidence from your buyers who locate you online. They know when they find you that you’re at the top of the search engine because you’re THE go-to-expert in that specific niche, because they recognize your name, position, and detailed information from other places.

There are several ways you can prove Expert Status –

  • Do interviews with others in your field of experience.
  • Interview others in your field of experience.
  • Publish a book of interviews (Interview 9, place yourself as the 10th expert).
  • Write content relevant to your experience and publish online.
  • Create white papers, or other published documents relevant to your experience.
  • Offer solution based answers to those asking questions in your niche.
  • Appear on discussion boards offering solutions, links to solutions, or ideas for solving problems in your niche.
  • Write a solution based case study of your own experience and publish it in a book.
  • Write a blog featuring your solutions and answers to problems relevant to your niche.
  • Offer guest blog posts to relevant websites and discussion groups.

be the go-to-expert




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  1. I’ve always enjoyed being busy accomplishing goals. I’d like to help people realize what I have discovered…that where you are is exactly where you are meant to be at the time you are there…if you don’t like where you are, moving is an option. If you feel trapped, decide if you like that feeling or not..then fix it!

    being organized is not a disease, it actually removes dis-ease of finding things.

    I like rising early…to think and write. Some days the writing is a lot, some days the thinking is a lot–then that is followed by more writing.

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