Increase Readers, Improve Readability, Gain Better Conversion Rates

Did you know it’s easy to increase readers? When you improve readability of your blog, you gain better conversion rates. Your overall blog results improve.

Do you know why you’re blogging?

If you don’t, you might want to take a few moments right now and write down at least three reasons why you’re blogging. They might look like this:

  • To share my knowledge and information with those who need it.
  • For profitable exchange of product and services others need.
  • To build a platform for my online web design business.

These are just three of the many reasons I blog, but they are important reasons. What about yours? Why do you blog? Or why do you want to blog? Write down three reasons and let’s move on…

How to Increase Readers.

increase readersUse keyword optimization to be at the top of search engine front pages, to grab readers first. If you’re at the top of the page, readers will click on your links and skip the rest. Fill up the top of the keyword page references for your keywords by writing blog posts, guest blog posts, and marketing articles with those titles driving readers (and traffic) to your website. The key here is to use keywords your readers search for to increase readers.

Captivate your audience by being at the top of their search pages!

It’s that easy.

How well do you know your market? Do you know what they’re searching for? Invite your readers to share what they’re searching for by, adding comments to your blog posts, telling you what they want. Surveys are also good options for this. Run a quick survey on Facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn to find out what readers are looking for.  Then meet that need and instantly increase readers.

How to Improve Readability.

Make your content easy to read. Improve structure. Add sub-headers and graphic elements to improve overall comprehension. Cut the excess and get to the point. Don’t waste time or energy on long winded explanations your readers don’t need.

Be concise.

Have you ever started reading an article and gotten lost in a mass of frustration in the first paragraph? Avoid that feeling for your readers by staying focused. If you’re not focused when you write, your reader will feel lost too.

Note: If you get interrupted when writing, your content will probably reveal that interruption.
Regardless of your overall content, if you break your paragraphs into bite sized pieces, add sub-headers, and stay focused, your reader will appreciate you.

Reading your content will be easier. The reader will retain what they read. More important, they’ll understand what they read. And they’ll point their friends to your content to increase readers.

Gain Better Conversion Rates.

Every article you write should have an ultimate goal. More often than not, my ultimate goal is to provide value to my reader. I want my readers to take away a solution, an answer to their questions, or the ‘aha’ that makes their lives better. My goal is to improve, make a difference, and encourage or motivate others. That’s it.

I’d love to tell you I always sell a product, but more often than not – selling isn’t even an option. I may or may not be able to make a profit from content I promote. But I really HOPE I make a difference for someone…

But… Is that a conversion?

You bet your sweet bum it is! If I improve life for your in some way, I’d love to know that. You could sign up for my ezine and tell me how I improved your life, or you could just leave a comment? Either way, I want to know if I provide a benefit for your life.

The benefit to me — if you sign up for my ezine? My numbers go up. If you’ve been here once, and found value, you’ll be back. If you’re looking for something I provide, or like what I provide, you’ll find something of value. I aim to provide enough content to answer most marketing questions. I offer information that improves comprehension, and adds value. Those basic elements increase readers. My readers share my content.

How about you? Can you take a moment, leave a message in the comments, or share my blog post?

Do you have a blog of your own?

I would love to help you find ways to improve your content, drive better traffic, or get more conversions.

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