Insights from the Coffee Clatter

It used to be a thing…

The Coffee Clatter – was a paper my kids created as a home school project one year. It was a money maker with potential. Local businesses bought ads and the kids found quips, quotes, and tall tales to share on the paper, printed it out to placemat size and delivered copies to all the local restaurants – who paid a few pennies each for the ‘placemats’ they either threw away or customers took with them.

coffee timeThe school year ended, but the market was still there, so they invited people to their new website. Some still paid for ads, but more than anything, it was a place for local folks to share thoughts and news.

Life happened, my kids grew up, and the Coffee Clatter became less about kids making a few bucks to a community sharing thoughts about life and the events that happened around town, around the country, and a political discussion took the place of tall tales (could have been one and the same). Then a local pastor asked if he could write an article for the site once a month, and we shared concepts, Bible verses, and quotes, plus all of those coffee shop stories.

Eventually, life again…

The Coffee Clatter was a fun blog, and by applying a variety of principles to the blog space, it ended up having a lot of Christian testimonies, stories of life happening and more than 3000 posts, with more visitors than I could shake a stick at each month – and then hackers stole the domain, posting horrifying photos on my cyber real estate, and destroying what had been there. By the time I realized their nasty content had been replacing my data, it was too late to salvage the site. Google won’t recognize the clean slate, and has tainted the domain with an ugly red screen that I can’t replace.

The Coffee Clatter died…

But many have asked if I would consider reviving the content – as much as I can – and rebuilding it, because they loved the concept.

And this is it. Once again, my Saturday morning post over Coffee at the Coffee Clatter!

Coffee Clatter

A quip or quote, maybe a story, and maybe something of more value, but more than anything else, inspiration for the week ahead. Thank you Marnie Marcus for this week’s quote.

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